Black Knight In The News

Black Knight In The News

Stories of the Black Knight UFO/satellite are making the rounds again.

For anyone who does not know, this object is reported by some to have been in a polar orbit of the earth for up to 13,000 years. How they have determined that length of time when we have only possessed the even the most rudimentary capacity to detect orbiting objects for less than 100 years I don’t know.

“This object is huge”
Based on what scaling? You do not know how far away it is, and are not seeing the object in reference to any other object whose size you do know. And since you repeatedly refer to it as the Dark Knight, I have to think you are watching a little too much Batman.

While an mystery object related to the Dark Knight story was detected in August of 1959, that object was at the time considered to be part of a failed satellite launch in the Discoverer series. And despite the claim in the video that polar orbits are beyond our capability, polar orbits are actually quite common today.

If the Black Knight is an alien craft, it has been around for a very long time without making any effort to contact anyone.
If it is still the same piece of space junk that was first detected, and there is no verifiable reason to believe that, it has certainly set a record for stable orbits, and since the object shown is in a closer Earth orbit than either the ISS, or the US Space Shuttles, there is little likelihood of that. There are just too many questions, contradictions and assumptions surrounding this thing to make the connections necessary for the object in these images to be either the same object detected in 1959/60, or to have been in orbit around the Earth for 13,000 years.

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Henry Paterson