The Scherger Creature

The Scherger Creature

Multiple witnesses, a mystery creature, no consensus in what it might be. Precious little information is available on the sighting of an unidentified creature that frightened a guard dog patrolling a part of Scherger Air Force Base in Queensland Australia. I cannot even find a date on the story, though have found references going back as far as 2005.

From Royal Australian Air Force News

Leading Aircraftmen Mathew Cash, Cy Holland and Chris Hey had been sent out to intercept a Mauveland special forces team that had launched a raid on the base and was withdrawing along a creek line near their position.

The three ADGs, accompanied by a dog and its handler, moved from the creek line to the other side of the quarry, planning to intercept the enemy group as they entered the clearing.

Leading Aircraftman Cash explained what happened next.

“We came across the quarry and pulled up, looked around and this creature was sniffing on the ground, following exactly where we’d come through.

It pulled up on a mound [about 50m away] and just sat there.

We had our night weapon sight and our [night vision] on, watching it, and [the creature] was just sitting there sniffing and watching us.

He said the creature stood about waist high on all fours, had a small head, was spotted and moved like a cat.”

The airmen go on to speculate on the creature being a wild boar, or a dingo, but of the four men no consensus could be made. Even the dog could not agree.

Even the trained tracking and attack dog seemed put off by the sight of the unusual creature; it quietly crept to the back of the group and stayed out of sight.

Beyond testimony, the only evidence is this footprint:

Which could be explained by an animal stepping with a hind foot onto a front paw print, but still this is no dog print.

The closest thing I find is a bear, or a cougar

Polar Bear


Neither bears nor cougars are native to Australia.

Two nights later, the next time the Air Force dog was with the patrol, the creature appeared again at about 5am
and lingered within 10m of the observation post. Again, the ADGs could not identify it.

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