Dulce New Mexico

Dulce New Mexico

Cattle mutilations, abductions, alien/human hybrids, Reptilians, Greys, mind manipulation experiments, underground bases, murder and cover-ups.

The Dulce Papers story has it all.

Central to the story of Dulce is Thomas Costello, or Castello, depending on the source you find. Castello is the named source of the much talked about but rarely, if ever seen “Dulce Papers.” These papers are supposed to have been taken from a joint Alien/US Government underground facility beneath Dulce New Mexico and are said to include 25 black and white illustrations of scenes witnessed by Castello.

Images like these found on Bibliotecapleyades

Despite rumors that there are 25 images, these and 3 others you can see at Bibliotecapleyades are all that can be found online as the original document is said to be lost. Somehow a video has made its way to YouTube claiming to show footage of the storage tanks described in the image on the left.

Thomas Castello himself is something of a “Deep Throat” in this whole story. No one has ever met him, or apparently spoken or communicated directly with him, at least not that they can prove; always through an intermediary.


All of this alien interaction is said to take place in a deep underground bunker described here.

From Sacred Texts website

by Jason Bishop III

This facility is a “GENETICS LAB” and is connected to
Los Alamos, via a “Tube-Shuttle.” Part of their research is
related to the General Effects of Radiation (Mutations and
Human Genetics). Its research also includes other
“Intelligent Species” (Alien Biological Life Form
In the revised September 1950 edition of “THE EFFECTS OF
ATOMIC WEAPONS” prepared for and in cooperation with the U.S.
Department of Defense and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission,
under the direction of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory,
we read about how “complete Underground placement of Bases is
desirable”. On page #381: “There are apparently no
fundamental difficulties in construction and operating
Underground various types of important Facilities. Such
facilities may be placed in a suitable existing mine or a
site may be excavated for the purpose”.

There is plenty more at Sacred Texts website.

According to another Dulce Witness, Phil Schnieder, as told in Before Its News.

Phil Schneider

“To give you an overview of basically what I am, I started off and went through engineering school. Half of my schooling was in that field and I built up a reputation for being a geological engineer, as well as a structural engineer with both military and aerospace applications. I have helped build two main bases in the United States that have some significance as far as what is called the New World Order. The first base is the one at Dulce, New Mexico.”

Scheider, like Castello and the Dulce Papers themselves is no longer available to give testimony.

Phil Schneider… was found dead on January 1996, due to what was said to be an execution style murder. He was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck. According to some sources, it appeared that he repeatedly suffered torture before he was finally killed.

Despite those willing to speak out disappearing and/or dying, images continue to slip out. A tunnel which is supposedly part of the underground complex, and one of the hybrid storage areas are notable.

In an X-Files, or even Roland Emmerich style twist, supposedly in 1979 there was a short lived shooting war at Dulce, where alternately according to rumor, either Humans attempted to wrest control of the base from the Greys in control, OR during a presentation by one of the Greys which was attended by world scientists (who, with the exception of Phil Schneider, have never spoken of the incident) a security guard entered the presence of a Grey carrying a sidearm. This breach of Grey security protocol was punished by the Grey and set off the firefight.

Never fear, it gets weirder.

Supposedly the conspiracy and experimentation is also responsible for… wait, I’ll give you three guesses…

Mothman! And yet another story of the fighting that is rumored to have happened.

“The Human Genome Project may well have the greatest direct impact on humanity of any scientific initiative before us today”, said David Shirley, Director of the Berkeley Laboratory. Covertly, this research has been going on for years at the Dulce bio-genetics labs. Level 6 is hauntingly known by employees as “Nightmare Hall”. It holds the genetic labs at Dulce. Reports from workers who have seen bizarre experimentation, are as follows:

“I have seen multi-legged ‘humans’ that look like half-human/half-octopus. Also reptilian-humans, and furry creatures that have hands like humans and cries like a baby, it mimics human words… also huge mixture of lizard-humans in cages. There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those species. There are several cages (and vats) of winged-humanoids, grotesque bat-like creatures…but 3 1/2 to 7 feet tall. Gargoyle-like beings and Draco-Reptoids.”

“Level 7 is worse, row after row of thousands of humans and human mixtures in cold storage. Here too are embryo storage vats of humanoids in various stages of development. I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told to never try to speak to them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. It began the Dulce Wars”.

According to ExoPolitics.org another player in the story, Paul Bennewitz has tied the Dulce Facility to cattle mutilations, and abductions.

Dr Paul Bennewitz is an electronics specialist who in the late 1979 began to film, photograph, and electronically intercept what appeared to be extensive UFO/ET activity and communications that he traced to the vicinity of the Archuletta Mesa on Jicarilla Apache Reservation land near the town of Dulce. Based on the collected evidence Bennewitz concluded that an underground extraterrestrial (ET) base existed near Dulce that played a role in both cattle mutilations and abduction of civilians. In 1980, the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence (AFOSI) began investigating Bennewitz’s evidence, and this eventually led to its disinformation campaign to discredit Bennewitz. Bennewitz’s subsequent electronic evidence and field research alleging extensive human rights abuses were occurring at the Dulce underground base became associated with the AFOSI disinformation campaign. Most UFO researchers concluded that Bennewitz had been too influenced by disinformation to be taken seriously

The Dulce drama is either the Holy Grail of alien invasion stories, or the Gilligan’s Island of them. You know, the episode where the mad scientist swapped people’s minds and Ginger ended up inside Skipper.

Either way, even among the UFO believer community, there are those who think the Dulce Papers are a bit far fetched, and that is saying something.


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