Black Ring Over England Sky. Nothing But Smoke

Black Ring Over England Sky. Nothing But Smoke

The video of a strange looking black ring in the sky over England is making its way through the various streams of social media. The video shows a dark smoke ring gliding effortlessly just above the English streets, causing headlines to blow up with references to UFO or ghostly activity.

“It was just floating there like a cloud and then it disappeared. It wasn’t birds either. There were about ten of us who stopped what we were doing and watched. It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.”
–Source: DailyMirror

Gizmodo website went on to say that some “experts” were confused as to what this ring could possibly be:

So far, experts have no idea what it was.
The black ring appeared over Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in England and the weather experts are saying it doesn’t have anything to do with the weather while the firefighters are saying there were no fires around the time of the sighting so, well, yeah.  Everyone is confused.
–Source: Gizmodo

It’s a bold statement to make, especially when the website reporting does not mention who these experts are. All they had to do was look at the comment section in the YouTube video.  Many people blurted it out: What you’re seeing are smoke rings from a blown transformer. Plain and simple.

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