Is This A Sasquatch?

Is This A Sasquatch?

I found this video through Bigfoot Evidence Blogspot which shows either a person or an animal of some sort walking across a snow field.

Possible Sasquatch outside Squamish BC

The guys in the video raise some fair points:
This is obviously something alive.
Why would a person be traversing this valley?
Whatever it is, the creature in the video makes pretty easy work of moving up slope in heavy snow.

None of these points can be taken as proof, or even eliminate the possibility of a hoax. As a hoax it seems unlikely it is the people taking the video being hoaxed, which leaves them as the hoaxers, in which case one of them must be awfully dedicated to the project to have gone that far out to produce such an indistinct video.
Yes, there is also the possibility that this is a bear, though even at this level of zoom the creature does seem to be walking on two legs. And many of the same questions about a human apply to a bear. Why here? This time of year bears are after one thing, food. Having come out of a long winter sleep the are extraordinarily hungry and there seems little to eat at this location.

This one is up in the air. Too little information to prove anything, and enough questions to seem to make this an unlikely hoax, but certainly possibly a misidentification.

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Henry Paterson