Bob Lazar 25 Years Later

Bob Lazar 25 Years Later


He really has nothing more to say than he ever has, except for a little bit of back peddling.

Even compulsive conspiracy believer Stanton Friedman can’t get behind Lazar. I am not certain whether that discredits Lazar, or stems from Friedman being jealous of someone who might really know what is going on, but others have tried to confirm Lazar’s background, and failed utterly.

As for Lazar’s claims of the fuel for these craft, Element 115, it is better known as Ununpentium and we have created it under laboratory conditions It is so unstable as to only be able to remain in existence for only the tiniest fractions of a second, as told in this article about its discovery

If you have a yen for the history of this, here is a documentary on Lazar.

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Henry Paterson