Alien Residue Found on Moon

Giant Impact Hypothesis: Proven

Theories have since long been proposed, that the moon was created due to a collision of the earth with another planet billions of years ago. Till now, this theory has been speculated, debated and criticized. But now, a recent discovery promises to prove, once and for all, that the highly controversial hypothesis is actually real!

A minute examination of the lunar rock brought by Apollo astronomers show traces of material from a planet named Theia. Named after the Greek Goddess who was said to be the mother of the Moon goddess, Theia allegedly collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago, creating the moon.

The theory, known as the Giant Impact Hypothesis, has always been the scientists’ favorite due to simplicity and accuracy. After the recent discovery from the lunar rocks, the theory may well become a law.

Dr Daniel Herwartz, lead researcher, tells BBC News:

“It was getting to the stage where some people were suggesting that the collision had not taken place. But we have now discovered small differences between the Earth and the Moon. This confirms the giant impact hypothesis.”

Surprisingly, the Theian material shows remarkable similarities to Earth’s isotopic composition, which is highly unlikely as planets differ hugely in rock materials from their parent meteorites.

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