Virginia Bigfoot

Virginia Bigfoot

I have been discouraged and disgusted lately with Bigfoot related stories.

I would like to believe there is a creature yet undiscovered, potentially related to humanity and offering us some insight into evolution, life, and ourselves. But that is just what I WANT to believe.

The following is a story that supposedly happened 25 years ago, accompanied by a photograph taken just a few months past. The number of flaws and/or embellishments with the story cause me to pretty much discredit it out of hand. The photograph however, while certainly not impossible to fake, is pretty good.



In both the video, and the article from The Daily Mail Oneal challenges:


Accepting the inevitable scepticism that follows claims of seeing the mythic creature, Mr O’Neal posted a written commentary describing both encounters, then challenges internet users to prove his pictures are faked.

And yet again, there is no burden of proof on discrediting your evidence. Evidence must prove itself, otherwise it is just your opinion. You have no evidence of your original, and highly questionable story from 25 years ago, you establish no relationship beyond proximity to that story and these photos, and a photograph is pretty easily faked, however interesting it may be. The fact that both you and your father were willing to fire a shotgun blindly into the dark says a great deal about your judgement and your character, and this in turn offers me some sense of your reliability. But that is just MY opinion

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Henry Paterson