Alien Killed by Military

Alien Killed by Military

This video is utter crap.

I will refer you to the :30 mark where a close up of the “alien” face shows dark lines like make-up around the eyes and creases around the mouth and nose. These are just like what would be added to a mask intended to be filmed so these features show up more clearly.

What purpose do the masks worn by the soldiers at the :45 mark serve? And why would soldiers be carrying any such thing? And why are they, and everyone around them, not wearing hazmat suits when coming into contact with an alien creature? Why is the alien creature not in its own containment, being continually contaminated?

Feel free to correct me IF I am wrong ( I may be), but if you freeze frame at the 1:05 mark, there appears to be a red cap on the barrel of the soldier’s rifle that looks a lot like what you put on a toy.

Then if you look at the “soldier” in the background of this still:

It could be a shadow, but it looks to me like this guy is bearing a little hipster goatee, and that is definitely not military.

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