“Unified Field” Theory of “Missing Link(s).”

“Unified Field” Theory of “Missing Link(s).”

Yes, I know there is no missing link, however when you read this article it will sound an awful lot like that is what is being proposed. Melba Ketchum is broadening her studies to include coneheads and giants and looking for funding to somehow relate them all to each other.

OK, let’s get this DNA testing done. Every time I mention it, I get a good response but then it dies out. I really appreciate all of the donations so far but it’s not enough to get it done. Let’s all work together and solve this mystery once and for all. Between the DNA I have on the coneheads, the red headed giants and the Sasquatch, there should be a genetic link that will tie this all together, just like there is a proven maternal link between the Orang and the Sasquatch.

Aren’t the Paracas Skulls presumed (by their owner who puts them on display in his museum, and his main researcher who owns a tourism company) to be alien in origin? Are we all alien hybrids now?

And I’m sorry, “A proven maternal link between the Orang and the Sasquatch”? It was my understanding that the findings were Sasquatch was the result of a human female and an unknown hominid. Where did the female Orang come from? And is there a video of that party?

If you feel inclined to make a contribution, you can find the site at Go Fund Me.

For a contribution of $100, you get this fine t-shirt.

I assume this study will pass peer review.
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