Kitsap, Washington 911 Recording: Bigfoot Outside

Kitsap, Washington 911 Recording: Bigfoot Outside


The old Patterson & Gimlin Bluff Creek footage is considered by many to be irrefutable evidence that a large bipedal creature is roaming the woods of the United States. The iconic image of Patty as she turns to face her admirer in the film’s frame number #352 has captured our imaginations and fears for decades.

But what about audio? Is there a single piece of audio recording that lends credibility to the countless reports of Bigfoot just like the Patterson & Gimlin film achieved?

Maybe.¬†Here’s my submission for possibly one of the most convincing audio recordings of a Bigfoot sighting.

Washington State, Kitsap Peninsula, 1990. A 911 emergency phone call was answered by the local sheriff’s office late at night. The caller, an older gentlemen, sounded alarmed and concerned for his safety when he spotted something tall and hairy in his backyard.


What do you think? How credible does it sound to you?

The gentleman’s reactions to what he’s seeing outside his window sounds genuine. You can hear the fear in his voice as he attempts to articulate what he is experiencing. Not because he’s inebriated but because he’s terrified of this creature.

Whenever someone asks me about audio proof, forget the Bigfoot vocalization videos on YouTube. Remember the 911 Kitsap Bigfoot call.