1978 Oklahoma Humanoid Report Audio Recording

1978 Oklahoma Humanoid Report Audio Recording



August 1st, 1978

Yukon, Oklahoma.

Approx. Time: 10:37 P.M.

There was a chill in the air that night when a couple of members from REACT (Oklahoma Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams) encountered someone or something otherworldly land. Out in some remote Oklahoma field they witness a strange craft descend from above and what occurred next stuck with the REACT members for decades.  

The stunned witnesses then observed a creature, a humanoid looking thing that crept out of the saucer like craft. It was described as having long skinny arms and legs while standing only four feet tall with a bulbous head. The REACT unit #100 witnessed the strange creature walk off into the darkness just before the craft shot off into the starry night. Leaving behind an occupant here on Earth.


The caller goes on to mention the names of the Tinker Air Force Base radar operator to which they reported the unnerving incident to. They confirmed something strange on the radar that night and over that same location. However like most UFO reports, nothing came of this strange call about the strange humanoid sighting in 1978.