Phoenix Lights: New Video Shows Military Involvement

Phoenix Lights: New Video Shows Military Involvement


David Collins, a journalist for KWBV6 News in Phoenix, Arizona reportedly got his hands on a strange Air Force video that was shot on the night of March 13th, 1997. The night that Phoenix residents saw strange crafts and lights above their city.

The strange UFO lights were witnessed by hundreds (maybe thousands) of residents all over Arizona. Some reported a large black triangular craft, gently gliding over their homes. While others reported only seeing a row of lights, suspended high above the city in the dark desert sky. The reports made headlines around the world, only to explode when a home video was released that showed the so-called UFO lights above the city.  UFO enthusiasts and Arizona residents felt like this was the holy grail of UFO evidence. 

However, when the Air Force released a statement saying that what we saw in the video was just their aircraft doing a routine flare tests, well….things got a bit hazy.

Now 17 years later,  Mr. Collins from KWBV6 has cracked open that resealed can of worms. The video that was posted on his YouTube channel, claiming to be military video shot on the night of March 13th might just be what we were all looking for.



Strange indeed. In the sped-up video you can clearly see the Air Force’s Jet fighters zooming around the frame, but then something strange appears. A large black triangular aircraft (just like the one reported by residents) flying around as well as several other strange crafts in the sky that night.

The problem is that there are no indicators on the video itself that gives us any reference points. Is the video from the Air Force? Was the video shot on the night of March 13th, 1997? Are those aircrafts just top secret spy planes?

This is crazy…


Seems like this is looking more and more like a hoax. The good folks over at have a nice write up on this developing story. Check it.