UFO Recorded With 4K Drone

UFO Recorded With 4K Drone

A Redditor uploaded the intriguing video a few days ago and since then it has garnered international attention and has raised more than just curiosity but actual concern.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user 1darmino with no other information besides the title of the video. However several people from the /r/UFOs subreddit quickly began to collectively analyze the strange drone footage.

Redditor wyldcat posted the following:

Here are some screenshots.
Even though it’s quite a bit of motion blur on the object it appears to have some what of a distinct shape to it. Either a disc shape or a wing shape with a cylinder/jet engine on top of it.

There was a lot of speculation from the /r/UFOs community about the UFO in the video. Video manipulation, lens flare effect, a bullet…. However none of them really hold any water. Another suggestion was that what was caught on video is a top secret military drone that’s zooming 300 feet above cities, spying and recording on everyday civilian activity. This sounds like the beginning of some Science Fiction dystopian novel but the cold reality is that this suggestion is quite plausible in today’s surveilled society.

Regardless of all the crazy theories out there, the video in question is quite remarkably interesting in the context of UFOs. Unidentified Flying Objects.

What’s your take on this? Hoax, UFO, or …