Ufology and Open Source: The Next Frontier

Ufology and Open Source: The Next Frontier


The next big leap into Ufology is not up in the skies, but rather in the binary world of computers.

I know what you’re thinking. SETI is already in place and has been for more than a decade. And you would be correct to think that. However there’s a new type of research happening in the current world of Ufology. This research combines active lenses that are constantly looking up towards the sky and programming designed to detect weird UFO-like objects flying through the horizon, day or night.

I’m sure things would have turned out very different if this type of watchdog network had been in place back then when the famous Phoenix Lights UFOs happened in 1997.  Or how about the Chicago O’hare incident?


Project CE (Connecting Evidence) is doing just that. They plan on making their UFO hunter program an open source project. Meaning that anyone with the know-how can add or improve code to the project. This helps the program’s algorithm and User Interface improve exponentially.

Project CE


We can have a much more great footage if we change the way we look for UFO’s. The UFO Detector program allows anyone to monitor the skies day and night for unidentifiable objects. All you need is a USB camera with a decent video quality.

How much attention do you pay to what’s going on in the skies above you? Until now, all of our video recordings of UFOs were captured because of luck. Someone looked at the sky, saw something unusual and just happened to have a camera and managed to capture the object before it disappeared. The result of that moment is often a very shaky and unclear video of the event.

The goal of Project CE is to change the way we handle UFO sightings by introducing an automated system to analyze and record possible UFOs at any time and with the best possible video quality.

The software


With Project CE, the chances of recording something truly intriguing up in the sky increase dramatically. It takes away the entire element of being unprepared or whipping out a video camera the last few seconds after spotting something strange above.

This definitely is a stepping stone towards the progressive side of Ufology. We don’t need anymore grainy, blurry, 3 second videos flooding the internet. What we need is a thorough database of real unidentified objects in our skies. Project CE promises that.

Check out Project CE’s website for more information or how you can help catch UFOs.