• Ghosts shouting for ‘help’ among cyclone survivors0

    • May 18, 2008

    Myanmar In the middle of the night, in the worst-hit areas of the cyclone, villagers hear voices from the fields. “Hey …. help us, Hey … help us,” the voices say. But when villagers search the fields with their torch lights, no one can be seen. “We believe it must be the ghosts of those

  • Ghostly little girl spooks drivers0

    • May 14, 2008

    A paranormal research group is investigating a spate of ghostly sightings along Oldnall Road, between Wollescote and Cradley. Parasearch, which is celebrating 22 years of scientific investigation into the paranormal, is looking into claims that an apparition of a little girl has been spooking late-night motorists driving along the countryside part of the busy road.

  • Among Pareidolia, Dogs and bad Photographers3

    • May 13, 2008

    It used to be that 15-20 years ago one would expect to attend a birthday party or a 4th of July BBQ and have at least one person with a film camera. We would expect at least 12-24 exposures from any family gathering. Filed away in the family album, or stored in a tupperware box

  • Ghosts of the Underground0

    • May 7, 2008

    Documentary about London’s underground subway system and it’s paranormal dwellers. From the early 1800s, the underground system is one of the most oldest underground rail system. Throughout the decades, the never-ending expansion of the network has unearthed thousands of graves. Countless of ghost sightings have been reported by staff of the rail system throughout the

  • Ghostbusters investigate afterlife ‘guests’0

    • May 7, 2008

    GHOSTBUSTERS are being called to a haunted hotel in Cheddar to find out if guests from the afterlife are ‘checking in’. Managers at Cox’s Mill in The Cliffs have called on Ghost Hunters South West to investigate the ghostly goings on which have been reported by staff, locals and guests. Manager Marz Harvey said: “I

  • War and the ghosts of Gettysburg5

    • April 26, 2008

    War. One of the most selfish and atrocious acts of mankind. Conjured by the elite and acted upon by the have-nots, has been part of our nature from the dawn of civilization. From the early days in Mesopotamian history to today’s war that seems like a farce, war has displaced millions of people physically and

  • Flying entities of Mexico – A closer look21

    • April 23, 2008

    In may of 2006, the city of Nuevo León, Mexico abruptly made it’s way onto the annals of the paranormal. Reports started circulating the Mexican press, as well as the web, about a strange UFO captured on video. Not a UFO in the sense of a “flying saucer”, but a UFO in the true meaning

  • New Arizona lights sighting ?2

    • April 22, 2008

    Several Valley residents reported seeing strange red lights in the sky on Monday night. One north Phoenix resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said he saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer as the witness watched. He said

  • Paranormal expert says ghosts won’t be moving to new Yankee Stadium0

    • April 18, 2008

    The new baseball structure going up in the Bronx may represent something strange in the neighborhood for the ghosts of Yankee lore. They may not so readily transfer their energy from the old rafters to the new suites and skyboxes. With their lease on eternity at the old Yankee Stadium endangered, perhaps Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio

  • Monsters From Scottish Folklore Brought Back To Life0

    • April 17, 2008

    FROM ghosts and goblins to sea monsters and cannibals, Scottish history is littered with tales of the weird and wonderful. While some Scottish legends have become much-loved parts of our culture, other stories have disappeared into obscurity over the centuries. Now Glasgow University is set to revive Scotland’s folklore thanks to a new postgraduate course

  • Alexandria Hotel – Haunted Los Angeles93

    • April 15, 2008

    The Alexandria hotel is situated in downtown Los Angeles. Opened in 1906, it was one of the most socially active restaurant and hotel in it’s time. Serving the hollywood, political and social elite like Winston Churchill, Enrico Caruso, King Edward VIII and American presidents like Taft, Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. Charlie Chaplin used to frequent

  • “A haunting” Discovery Channel5

    • April 10, 2008

    When it comes to documentaries on ghost stories, Discovery channel has them all beat. The show aired it’s full featured pilot on October 28, 2005. To my surprised, their research and portrayal of the haunted cases is fairly accurate. When I first saw the pilot episode, it was a breath of fresh air. Tired of


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