• Portuguese Pyramid

    Portuguese Pyramid5

    • January 20, 2014

    Back in September of 2013, apparently an undersea pyramid was reported discovered in the Atlantic,  among the Azores. Suspiciously if you look at the posting dates on the articles at Azores-Pyramid.org they all fall within just a few days of each other, and most on the same day. Portuguese news sites are reporting on the

  • Mars Mystery Rock: Updated

    Mars Mystery Rock: Updated9

    • January 16, 2014

    NASA is trying to figure out a “Hey, where’d that come from?” moment on Mars. Well, it seems they have determined that the rock was dislodged and displaced by one of the rover’s wheels as it maneuvered. Which was one of the leading possibilities.    From RT.com Mysterious Rock Appears Near Mars Rover An odd-looking

  • Ariel Sharon’s Death: The *yawn* End Is  Near

    Ariel Sharon’s Death: The *yawn* End Is Near56

    • January 13, 2014

    Oh, I surely do enjoy bringing the End of the World stories. I should start a file. From an article on Disinformation.com Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Does Ariel Sharon’s Death Bode the Second Coming? By Kowality Jesus on January 12, 2014 Does a note left by a venerated Orthodox Rabbi shortly before his death indicate that

  • Are We All Martians?

    Are We All Martians?3

    • January 3, 2014

    As if being a neanderthal wasn’t enough, apparently we could also be Martians. I am really looking forward to that next family reunion! From From Quarks to Quasars Evidence suggests life on Earth could have started on Mars: By Joshua Filmer posted on January 1, 2014 There is a theory that’s gaining a bit of

  • Are You A Neanderthal?

    Are You A Neanderthal?5

    • January 3, 2014

    I know what my wife would say about me. There have been lots of theories, and lots of rumors, even a few public figures have been said to be related… Russian boxer Nikolay Valuev being a notable choice, though Neanderthals were shorter and stockier than Cro-Magnons, and Valuev is 6′ 11″ so why anyone would

  • The Williams Petradox

    The Williams Petradox13

    • January 1, 2014

    Also referred to as the Williams Enigmalith, is a stone with what to all appearances is an electrical plug sticking out of it. From The Viral Post 100,000 Year Old Electrical Device Found? In 1998, electrical engineer John J. Williams discovered what looked like an electrical connector sticking up out of the ground. He began

  • Why Can’t We Find Bigfoot?

    Why Can’t We Find Bigfoot?15

    • December 28, 2013

    This is a common question among the skeptics, and should perhaps be one among the believers. Often this question is used as a piece of evidence to question the existence of the creature, but as such it is as much a piece of non-evidence as a believer saying you cannot prove it doesn’t exist. The

  • Bosnian Pyramids

    Bosnian Pyramids7

    • November 21, 2013

    When I find a story like this it certainly raises considerable doubts in my mind. But then there are questions on both sides here. From Conscious Life News Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History Is Wrong Debbie West | Before It’s News | Nov 13th 2013 Houston anthropologist, Dr. Semir Osmanagich, founder of

  • Icelandic Elves Release Hostage

    Icelandic Elves Release Hostage27

    • November 15, 2013

    You are on your own with this one, I am just the messenger. From an article on Freedom’s Hammer Anthropologist Held Hostage By Elves For 7 Years By C. Michael Forsyth MIRACULOUS: Icelandic authorities rescued missing scientist. REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Seven years after she vanished without a trace, a female anthropologist emerged from a mysterious cave

  • Russian Mystery Crater

    Russian Mystery Crater6

    • November 15, 2013

    Living Crater In Russia Still A Mystery November 14, 2013 This amazing place was found by one geologist from Irkutsk in summer 1949. It was a huge convex truncated cone with an upper horizontal section. Inside it had a funnel-shaped recess with a dome-shaped hill right in the middle. The cone was rather big. Its

  • Ice Road Trucking: Megalith Style

    Ice Road Trucking: Megalith Style0

    • November 8, 2013

    In a recent announcement untold numbers of people are probably face-palming when it comes to how ancient peoples could have transported some megalithic stones. From an article on LiveScience.Com China’s Forbidden City Built with Giant ‘Sliding Stones’ By Charles Q. Choi, LiveScience Contributor, November 04, 2013 The Forbidden City, the palace once home to the

  • Lake Of The Mummies

    Lake Of The Mummies4

    • October 22, 2013

    The following article is a guest post by GhostTheory’s reader The Oshmar. When you hear the phrase “The World’s Deadliest Lake” you probably are not imagining a lake that’s less than 10 feet deep with calm warm waters and filled with flamingos. But then again you probably aren’t imagining a lake that will turn you