• Are You A Neanderthal?

    Are You A Neanderthal?5

    • January 3, 2014

    I know what my wife would say about me. There have been lots of theories, and lots of rumors, even a few public figures have been said to be related… Russian boxer Nikolay Valuev being a notable choice, though Neanderthals were shorter and stockier than Cro-Magnons, and Valuev is 6′ 11″ so why anyone would

  • The Williams Petradox

    The Williams Petradox13

    • January 1, 2014

    Also referred to as the Williams Enigmalith, is a stone with what to all appearances is an electrical plug sticking out of it. From The Viral Post 100,000 Year Old Electrical Device Found? In 1998, electrical engineer John J. Williams discovered what looked like an electrical connector sticking up out of the ground. He began

  • Witchcraft: Bahrain Embraces The Dark Ages

    Witchcraft: Bahrain Embraces The Dark Ages4

    • December 31, 2013

    A small island nation in the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain is connected to the mainland by the narrow 15.5 mile long King Fahd Causeway. Apparently members of its government are connected to the 20th century, or reality not at all. From an article in Live Science Bahrain Urged to Crack Down on Black

  • Why Can’t We Find Bigfoot?

    Why Can’t We Find Bigfoot?15

    • December 28, 2013

    This is a common question among the skeptics, and should perhaps be one among the believers. Often this question is used as a piece of evidence to question the existence of the creature, but as such it is as much a piece of non-evidence as a believer saying you cannot prove it doesn’t exist. The

  • The Truth About Santa

    The Truth About Santa4

    • December 24, 2013

    Time for a little Xmas cheer, skeptical style. Enjoy this holiday message from Mirovia   And there is more. For the whole story, and others check out Eric Brown’s work here [email protected] Follow us on FaceBook for updates and more.

  • Matthew Currie Takes On James Randi

    Matthew Currie Takes On James Randi5

    • December 16, 2013

    Matthew Currie, Astrologer and self professed skeptic has a few things to say to The James Randi Educational Foundation about Skepticism and an educational booklet titled “Astrology: Superstition or Science?” Currie would seem to approve of skepticism in general, just not when it is applied to him or his beliefs. Excerpted from a post on

  • Sun Flips Out!

    Sun Flips Out!0

    • December 16, 2013

    From The Independant Sun will ‘flip upside down’ within weeks, says Nasa Tomas Jivanda Friday 15 November 2013 The sun is set to “flip upside down” within weeks as its magnetic field reverses polarity in an event that will send ripple effects throughout the solar system. Although it may sound like a catastrophic occurrence, there’s

  • Obama Appoints UFO Disclosure Advocate

    Obama Appoints UFO Disclosure Advocate4

    • December 12, 2013

    Or is it just more disinformation? Who better to present the UFO community with disinformation than an outspoken advocate for disclosure? According to Huffington Post: For all of you who hope the U.S. government will lift the veil on its alleged stockpile of evidence that Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials — take heart. This

  • Russian 1969 Roswell Badly Faked

    Russian 1969 Roswell Badly Faked1

    • December 12, 2013

    From an article on VoiceOfRussia.com In 1969 in the state of Sverdlovsky, a UFO was reported to have crashed. It is alleged that a UFO crashed, and was recovered by the Russian military. Video film is shown of the recovery, with close-ups of the UFO itself. There was one dead alien found in the craft. The

  • Dead Bigfoot: Portrait Of A Sociopath?

    Dead Bigfoot: Portrait Of A Sociopath?27

    • December 12, 2013

    When I turned 12 many moons ago, it was near the start of buck season in NWPA. Growing up in a small rural town surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest, I’d spent much of my youth tramping through the woods, exploring and dreaming. I already knew much about the outdoors and could identify most every