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There have been several Bigfoot reports in the past few years from residents near the Tallapoosa County area in Alabama. In 2012 we broke the news reports about the strange sightings in Hale County and …

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Skeptical Q&A with Chip Coffey

Submitted by on September 5, 2009 – 7:45 AM418 Comments | 48,412 views

Who believes in psychics? Do you? I do.

Well, I don’t know really, but what I can tell you is that I have gone to a particular psychic more than once because she was good at given me advice. Things that she knew about me that I could not explain how she knew. Things that she predicted that happened. I don’t mean vague things like “You will be aroused by a shampoo commercial” (Simpsons’ joke).

I have not gone to her in years because she is no longer providing her services to civilians. She was recruited by either the Police Dept. or the FBI. I don’t remember.

When we had heard that Chip Coffey was going to be interviewed on EERIE Radio and would be taking questions from the web, we had some questions lined up for him. Unfortunately, Mr. Coffee canceled because of the nature of the questions.

The questions that we, the editors of GhostTheory, had were skeptical in nature. Never were they disrespectful or consisted of childish and horrible name calling.

Given that the critics and paranormal community are very skeptical of Chip Coffey’s abilities, it’s unfortunate that there are those who resort to an ad hominem attack. So it’s understandable why Mr. Coffey canceled.

What is not understandable is why he has not answered the skeptics and their questions. I’m not saying that everyone should always explain their actions or themselves at all times. I don’t explain my quirks to people, I could care less what they think. But I’m not in the limelight.
People do not come to me with their problems or their lives and ask me to take those things into my own hands and provide some explanation or help.

So we feel that the community is owed some answers.

I contacted Mr. Coffey and asked him if he could provide us with a few answers to the questions that we were going to ask him on the EERIE Radio interview. He was clear that he thought that GhostTheory was a “Chip Coffey and Paranormal State bashing site”, but he agreed to read over the questions and answer those that he saw fit.

Below are the questions that Gary, Joe and Myself had for Mr. Coffey. I would like to thank him for taking time and answering them.

Q: Can you respond to comments and critics that comment on being in this for the money? I’ve read in and out through blogs and forums that all that you care about is the money and nothing you do is non profit. Does Chip Coffey assist in non profit and if so, what?

Of course I care about money! Money pays my bills and buys me things…like food and shelter and clothing. Is money ALL that I care about? That is such a ludicrous and insulting question. No, money is certainly NOT ALL that I care about!

Yes, I frequently do charity work. I have done numerous fundraising events for no pay and will continue to do so, when I am able. I frequently donate readings and/or items to fundraising/charitable events. I often give money to support the rescue of animals who are in imminent danger of being euthanized. In fact, I collect money for animal rescue during events that I attend. I also work with various hospice-related organizations as a volunteer.

Q: About Psychic Kids.

Is there any counseling for these children because of their so-called abilities? Yes

In school we all know people get teased and tormented for being different.

Are these any concerns for any of the children ? Of course. No one wants to be ridiculed or tormented for “being different.” Those who torment and ridicule others are, in my opinion, despicable!

Q: Also lots of parents have commented on this show Psychic Kids. Lots of concerns with children and having mental disorders. Is this something that has been looked into for all children on the show?

I am not at liberty to discuss the mental health of children who have appeared on “Psychic Kids.” But I will say this: those who do not believe in psychic abilities or paranormal phenomena frequently claim and/or assume that individuals who have these experiences are either physically or psychologically impaired. Personally, I do not believe this to be true…at least not in every instance.

Q: Can you explain the high level of Demonic possession/activity in the Paranormal State TV show? Why do we see so many cases in which the team declares demons to be at work and the church brought in?

Out of 50+ episodes of “Paranormal State,” only a handful have dealt with demonic activity or possession. Members of the clergy are frequently asked — not just by “Paranormal State” — to assist on such cases

Q: Can you explain how you yourself and the PRS team came to a conclusion that your client from the “I am six” episode was possessed? Were you guys not aware that she had a history of mental disorder?

I am not at liberty to discuss this case.

Q: To all the skeptics who say that you are in it for the money and fame, what do you have to say to them?

LOL — another silly question. Is there anything wrong with money or fame? Many people work their entire lives, hoping to have money and fame. I make no apologies whatsoever for being hard working and/or ambitious! Most successful people are BOTH! And once again, as previously stated, I am certainly NOT solely “in it for the money and fame.”

Q: When you are called onto a case on the “Paranormal State” show, your readings are 100% on the mark. With such high success rate, why not work with local police departments?

I have assisted with forensic investigations, but I do not frequently choose to do so. Quite often, the criminals who have committed crimes are still “at large,” so I elect not to place myself in a position of potential personal jeopardy by publicly announcing that I am involved with an ongoing investigation.

And by the way, I have NEVER claimed that my readings are 100% accurate.

Q: Do you have a personal paranormal experience that led you to your current career?

Although I have had personal paranormal experiences throughout my entire life, no single experience led me to my current career.

Q: What’s next for Chip Coffey?

A nap. ;-)

Q: So why all the problems dealing with skeptical inquiry? Now if you have read anything on our site besides what pertains to you, we are actually quite open-minded about paranormal issues. We would actually like to hear your take on things.

I, myself, am a healthy skeptic. What I am NOT is someone who belittles, berates, maligns, libels, slanders and/or threatens others. I have no problem with skeptics. I DO have a problem with closed-minded, judgmental individuals who think they know it all.

Q:How do your talents work? At what range do they work?

I don’t know how my talents work. They just…do. Re: range — I’d like to think that my talents are “free range” and “organic.”

Q: Why not do the Randi challenge and be done with it?

Because I certainly do not feel the need to prove anything to Mr. Amazing Randi. Or anyone else, for that matter! My goal is to provide a service that my clients consider valuable and meaningful to them. I have conducted thousands of readings for clients and I am proud to say that there have only been a handful of individuals who have been dissatisfied with or disgruntled by the outcome.

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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beatrice-Marot/100000119996550 Beatrice Marot

    I put together this blog about Psychic Kid
    Chip Coffey’s Granny Bully Crew . . . I call em the O.G. Original Gransters . .
    . and they just live to cyber bully me and they are so ridiculous that I have
    to turn it into a comedy and since Chip Coffey is a joke … it’s been easy!

  • Rev. Hoi San

    All I can comment is that I am deeply concerned with the way these psychics frequently meddle in missing persons investigations. For me, the “genuine” psychic completely died when that woman said Shawn Hornbeck was dead and of course he was alive, missing his family and 4 years later he was returned home. Imagine of the police did nothing except listen to psychics! Think, people, think! This stuff does immeasurable harm. You won’t get anywhere explaining the unknown with B.S.

  • Fl. Girl

    @Bud, I Love the ” blow it out ” . That’s awesome ! If you people don’t like Chip, then don’t watch him. It’s just that simple. I think he is absolutely fabulous and I hope he never stops doing what he’s doing. Dub me ” Team Chip ” all the way baby :)

  • Charles

    Even without the issue of doctor/patient privilege a person appearing on televisions mental health wouldn’t be discussed do to potential slander/libel charges.

    More then one government group abroad and in the US namely the CIA and DOD have more then once done studies on the possible uses of people claiming to have and who have shown psychic abilities.

    A multi-day investigation that has to be edited down into a thirty minute show is going to leave large gaps since there would be no way to cut that amount of work into that kind of time frame.

    And lastly no one truly knows how any psychic ability works. Even after years of studies conducted by various governments, universities, and doctors. About the only certainty is that when people being tested showed verifiable psychic activity parts of their brain that normally show little activity would become more active. One day when medical science advances enough that we better understand the inner workings of the brain we might have that answer.

  • http://twitter.com/ATOAST2THEHEART Rebecca McGuire

    What is upsetting about psychics being accused of being fake is, so many people have been helped by psychics. Veterinarians help animals and they get paid but no one says they are money-hungry. Keep the faith, Chip.


    I just looked at Chip Coffey Wikipedia which states: “Chip Coffey is an American fraud…” NO KIDDING! I absolutely believe that there are spirits, but I also believe that this guy, the Long Island Medium, and John Edward, just have great intuition and know exactly what to say to make people feel better! A friend of mine knows one of the big time psychics and states that yes, the person told her that they like to make people feel better. This psychic never admitted that he was truly psychic, and I believe this person is not one. Notice carefully the questions they ask. Usually they begin with asking a middle-aged person if someone died. Well, of course, just about everyone knows someone who died, especially an older person. I don’t believe any of them. I’ve heard the L.I. Medium has a staff who check out people, and then she finds them and starts in on the bull.

  • Shawn

    Not knowing Mr. Coffey personally I will offer only my own experience,
    I have seen a Creature, for lack of a better word, that appeared as solid as you or I, was in a well-lit area, at very close range, that could not possibly be anything other than some hostile, bipedal entity not described/identified by current science. Said entity was absolutely horrifying, and I have absolutely no doubt intended to do me great bodily harm at the very least.

    I have also seen an impenetrable blackness, moving willfully and in complete defiance of natural law concerning the behavior of photons/light. This was inside a very well-known home in my area that was the scene of a high-profile murder/suicide, shortly before this perfectly inhabitable home was demolished at the behest of the current property owner.

    People like Mr. Coffey, ie: Sensitives, Pre/Post-Cogs, Psychics/Psychic Mediums are, again in my experience (I have met three such individuals in my life, two in Casadega, Florida and one in my home town) interested primarily in HELPING PEOPLE. If, as a secondary result of providing their assistance they make an excellent living by doing so, more power to them.

    For the sake of argument, assume the paranormal phenomena described in shows like Paranormal State are completely real. Have you ever considered the personal DANGER which individuals like Mr. Coffey willingly hazard in order to help others? Many people in dangerous occupations are highly financially compensated because that’s exactly what is is. Compensation for shouldering risks they would not otherwise be running. No one complains that members of the police “bomb squad” receive greater compensation (in the form of hazard pay) than the average patrol officer. Why? It’s because defusing the “average” bomb is far more dangerous than performing the “average” traffic stop.

    In the event that a Demonic Entity is attempting to destroy an individual or a family, don’t you think that there is a SUBSTANTIAL possibility it could take hostile action against someone like Mr. Coffey for trying to intervene and “interfere” with its malevolent agenda?
    Stop and consider the nature of that threat. An invisible entity, often characterized by reliable eyewitnesses as having terrifying telekinetic abilities, access to what the church refers to as “hidden knowledge”, and that cannot be opposed or defended against by any physical means wanting to harm you for the same reason a stalker might lash out at someone denying them access to their intended victim. Frankly, Mr. Coffey would be a moron if he didn’t expect compensation for hazarding the wrath of such entities while trying to save someone’s sanity, life, soul, or all of the above.

    People with enough time to launch personal attacks against someone based on their vocation, a vocation that, however you try to deny it, HAS HELPED PEOPLE, are just sad closed little minds I feel pity for.

    Mr. Coffey, you have my utmost respect for what you do. Keep the faith and my prayers will be with you.

  • Ripped off

    I paid $160.00 to get a 30 min reading from Chip via phone. He actually spoke to me for 45 minutes. He did not channel my deceased friends or relatives but he did tell me something about someone he had NO WAY of knowing. I found Chip to be extremely personable and friendly. He does not allow speaker phone and does not allow recordings. At the price I paid I am very disappointed that I could not record the session. He did more counseling than a psychic reading. Everything else he told me was just responding to questions he asked me. I do not think he could do a cold reading without channeling spirits. He told me to channel a spirit it is a $500 phone call. I am on SSDI and really could not afford the $160.00 reading. Anyone who knows me could have commented on my questions like Chip did. He required a lot of information from me which I found questionable since I have seen psychic’s before and they never did that. He also promised me and my daughter a free copy of his new book, but my reading was on 8/27 today is 9/16 and nothing has been mailed to me. I emailed the address he gave me twice and sent my physical address. If the book shows up I will post that to this site. I do wish I would have saved my $160.00 because I really wanted to talk to my deceased family members and he did nothing but a counseling session. As an RN with mental health experience I saw him more as a counselor than psychic. Most counselors are covered by insurance and do not charge $320 an hour. I probably will not put in more money in Chip’s pocket, I am just too poor. Now if he was willing to give me an hour long channeling session I would be able to seriously vouch for hmi based on what came through. After my call with him I honestly can say I am very much on the fence about his abilities. Sorry Chip I am not saying this to hurt you as I really liked you and think you are a great guy, but I think you are financially fleecing a lot of believers just like a bad doctor fleecing unsuspecting patients and gets paid really good money and DOES HARM instead of good. I am not saying that Chip does Harm I just do not think he is very talented. Like I said if he offered me a free channeling session I might have a chance to recognize a gift or talent but based on my experience I would tell everyone to save your money. Look for a more talented psychic like Robert Brown.

  • FreeSpirit

    Chip Coffey is fake!!! Just went on one of his events in LA. Was it a joke? Playing with peoples worst emotions is very cruel. His reading are very simple “cold readings” and guessing basically anyone could do.He asks tooooo many questions (clever! – name,relationships,how long ago did person die.. seriously?!I can do reading to anybody with this info!). Shows on TV are scripted and produced,don’t you know that?-just business. Go and experience his personal reading…no..wait..save your money,have faith and be happy

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  • PepHep

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  • vperry999

    I have read far too many complaints from skeptics in forums who do not understand how the intuitive works. There is nothing at all wrong with asking questions. It is automatically assumed by non-believers that the intuitive is asking questions to do a “cold reading.”

    If you don’t understand how the whole thing works, you won’t understand the answer. If you don’t believe in “psychics,” stop reading their posts, visiting their events and their websites. That easy. There has to be some reason why skeptics keep coming to these sites and forums…either you are still curious about the abilities one might have or you are just a troll in the room to cause problems.

    If you are closed minded about the whole psychic thing, you will never understand the magic when it happens. If you are open minded, you can become a psychic yourself…then you won’t have to be concerned about the abilities of others.

  • jeanne

    I am glad that am reading al that seems my son could understand what he has seen and heard. He to does not like to say. Who, where how soon could I call.
    Thank you,

  • Guest

    While that’s true, I have had immeasurable problems in control areas with batteries and things getting unplugged before. I have also had EQ that showed a full charge die on me for no apparent reason. It seems most of the real issues encountered in a control area are too boring to put on any tv show. We were always prepared and charged everything beforehand – as well as brought extras. I have arrived on site, finished set up, only to realize the batteries I have are dead. >:(