“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase



So I start visiting my usual sites that I check out for paranormal news, and run across this story at one of them. Robert Bess has created a robot called the ‘Parabot’ a remote controlled chamber designed to capture ghosts, and also make them visible. Intrigued, I continued to search and hunt for stories and information pertaining to the Parabot. What I found wasn’t appealing.

Robert Bess has a degree in physics and has created the Foundation for Paranormal Research, but I’m skeptical of this man from what I’ve read so far. His creation, the Parabot, appears to be a plexiglass telephone booth on wheels, and sports a tesla coil at it’s center. The parabot is remote controlled to move around which raises serious questions in my mind about the way it is used and promoted, yet Bess claims that the Parabot will contain and make visible, paranormal entities for a limited amount of time. Humoressly, in the following video, Bess states that the Parabot ‘will find and contain’ ghosts. Well if it’s remotely operated to move around, how will ‘it’ find it? Also from what I’ve seen so far, the only reason why this contraption is powered to move around is for ease of transport.



So far, I have not been successful in finding any evidence of captures, although Robert claims to have caught two in 2007 and several more with newer versions of the Parabot, along with evidence to substantiate experiments made with the device. I’m skeptical though as I have seen a picture (wish I knew where it was so I could show it) of what appears to be smoke, which is said to be an apparition. This is quite funny considering in the last video, kerosene fog is pumped into the Parabot…why? If the evidence he has is the apparation looking like smoke, pumping smoke into the Parabot would be the last thing I would do.

So far, Robert and his invention are mired in controversy. After unleashing this device upon the masses, the Travel Channel became involved and invited Robert to a live airing of Ghost Adventures  in 2009 , which turned out to be a debacle after Robert apparently put on a show of being harrased by a ‘poltergeist’ and throwing a EMF detector, claiming it was ripped out of his hands.



As of March 8th of 2010, Robert had a repeat performance at the three mile lock on Virginia, at the Pump House.  From all reports that I have read, it appeared to be quite a show, with show being the operative word. The equipment Robert used would have made any local rave jealous, ranging from strobe lights, fog generators, mood music pumped over speakers, not to mention the annoying siren the Parabot makes along with the loud popping sound from the electrical discharge. Ghosts? If I was a ghost, I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with all this equipment!



At times, I hate to shoot from the hip, but this is one of those times. I earnestly can’t see how this device is useful, except to a showman. It’s loud, annoying and apparently hasn’t produced any evidence that is worthwhile while  the event last week looked staged from all that I have read and saw through pictures and video. It’s hard to give Robert any credit honestly. His methods are questionable along with his character and  the Parabot is a remote controlled platform of entertainment, designed to be more of a showpiece than a tool. It’s unfortunate that the reoccuring theme nowadays is that of exposing people of this nature rather than promoting those doing actual research, but such is the times we live in. Not suprisingly though, Bess might have a new gig in the future with a channel we all know and love…A&E! Read the end of previous link for a teaser into this show. I am currently taking bets to see if it outlasts the two episodes Extreme Paranormal put out. 

Check out the following links for more pictures and thoughts on the Pump House event.




  • JP

    That redneck Robert Bess is just full of shit.
    He has no idea how that thing´s gonna trap a ghost, and it won´t either!
    It´s just for the show, with spooky green light and lasers on top. What are they for, the laser crabs? They are otherwise used at discos and rave partys, and so far I know, can´t catch any ghosts.

    And how can you catch ghosts with a tesla coil?!
    He says in the first video that “people don´t understand the technology”, and I can promise he doesn´t either!
    He has no degree in physics, what bull!

    That “Parabot” is just some kits he bought on the internet, and some cool lights and lasers assembled together without any science to it at all. It´s only for show, and I hope people don´t have to pay for watching it, I wouldn´t stand ten minutes…


  • I saw that eppy of Ghost Adventures and didn’t believe a word of what this man had to say. That device looked like he threw it instead of it flying out of his hand by a ghost. I just thought his machine was very weird.

  • Peter

    Somehow this reminds me of those cargo-cultures from the pacific. This guy saw that amazing documentary Ghost Busters and thought; If I build a box that looks and behaves like that box they used in the documentary than what else can it do but work and catch ghosts…?

    Imagine this guy is actually spending money on a plexiglass box with lasers on top. When or why did he came up with that idea? Sitting there all doctor Evil like stroking his who knows what, looking at that dull plastic phone booth. It already has a Tesla coil, it has a clock on top, I’ve done the fancy doors but still I miss something…. No wait, I’ve got it! Gentlemen, we need a giant “LASER”!

  • It’s just another example of someone trying to capitalize on the popularity of para-celebs and TV shows.
    Trust me there are lots of real investigators (my group included) who are out there helping people and experimenting with real field tested theories and experiments. And the last thing we would ever want is to end up on a show with someone like this guy and his ‘parabot’!

  • Nog

    I saw that episode too and wasn’t impressed with his antics. The suspense was killing me. When is Dr. Who going to jump out of that thing? Although the possibility of using a tesla coil to stimulate paranormal activity interests me. People are trying EM pumps.

  • Vulcan

    I have really researched this guy.Oddly,he is the real deal.He doesn’t show all containments,but I did see what happened in 2007.That chamber really did work.Crazy as it may sound,researchers could learn alot from this guy.I spoke to him a few weeks ago,he doesn’t want a show,he is out to shut down “the night crawlers”.researchers who refuse to open their eyes to reality.He is independently wealthy,he doesn’t need fame or fortune.This guy is serious,no bs.The parabot is only one of many devices he ownes.The technology is really advanced and he really doesn’t care what people think.He is out for serious action and welcomes anyone who dares to challenge him.This dude is scary people.

  • Sam

    Just a side note, not trying to stick up for this goof ass with the parabot, but John Hutchensen (canadian anti grav/free energy inventor) and Robert Koontz (physisist, brother to Dean Koontz) have both mentioned in interviews that “tuned” tesla coils they are using to try and find the zeropoint sweet spot for anti grav and free energy have produced entities. John described them as ghosts IIRC that would fly in and out of the field, while Bob, being a scientist, called them intelligently formed sentient energy entities or some such thing. See the recent coast to coast am with those to for the interview.

    Could be something to this approach, but Bass nearly turned me off from GA with those goofy stunts.

    Why, really, why, there was plenty of good EVP and what not, in nearly real time. What a dork, desperate for attention, look at his body language after GAC confronts him at the end of the show.

  • zanku

    um im still unsure of zak, nick and aaron but i believe in paranormal state because they try to help those with real problems.

  • Michael

    @zanku I used to believe in Paranormal State as well, until i read this: “The show is produced by Four Seasons Productions International and Go Go Luckey Productions (which produced MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, and A&E’s now-cancelled Rollergirls).”

  • Howard

    I’ve been working in the paranormal field for almost 20 years now and I’ve never seen such crap as this. Don’t get me wrong, my team and I love Ghost Adventures, but GA needs to start doing background checks and research before they invite people on the show. Granted there may be results from real scientists or physicists, but those are the real funded experiments that use the worlds top science and physics teams. How can this one guy just jump ahead by a few years with their research and suddenly create a glass box that “traps” ghosts? He can’t. In my personal experiences, paranormal entities cannot be contained, even by steel or concrete walls. When you think about it they can even sometimes generate electric fields themselves (hence the EMF detector), so how can a glass box full of random spurts of electricity contain them? It can’t. It doesn’t matter if he does have a degree in physics or not. The reality is that this Bess just threw together a few lights and added some electricity to get his 15 mins of fame. Thankfully Robert Bess has been exposed and I’m sure we’re all glad that it happened sooner, rather than later. The worst part is that it makes all the rest of us paranormal investigators look bad and lose credibility when frauds like Bess get on national television.

  • Me

    UUmmmm…. you might not believe this, but Bess has a sign and begs for money at the corner of Midlothian Turnpike and Arcadia, across from McDonalds.. in Richmond. Been there for a month.

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