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One of GhostTheory’s most controversial person is back creating headlines. Breaking the news, reader “Deana” has just informed us that Todd Standing is back from an 8 day trip to his mysterious and “unknown to man” forest he calls “Sylvanic”.

If you follow GhostTheory, you should be familiar with Mr. Standing. We’ve interviewed him before, the GT community has weighed in (heavily) on his previous video evidence. Now, it seems that Mr. Standing has another piece of evidence in which he hopes will help to once and for all prove his claims of the mysterious forest and its Bigfoot that inhabit it.

Pictured above, is the latest evidence Mr. Todd Standing presents onto the world. An image of a Bigfoot which he captured in Sylvanic during his 8 days.

From his website:

Todd just returned from an 8 day expedition with incredible Bigfoot documentation. It was a bit of an adventure as he had a confrontation with a Grizzly bear that ended in rescue by RCMP and Search and Rescue after being missing for 3 days. The team and his family are thrilled he made it back safely and he is ecstatic with his new photo and video evidence!

Here is one of the photos where he caught Bigfoot watching him through the bushes~as you can see it was taken in full sunlight with fantastic detail.

More will follow shortly; Todd has just returned a couple of days ago and is recuperating with his family. We can’t wait to see his new video!

The above photo is said to be one of the few captured of these hairy beasts. I’ve never encountered a Bigfoot, but why does it seem like it just did an 1/8 of shrooms?  Eyes look suspiciously dilated. Skin looks sweaty, waxy almost. Hmmmm…..

The statement claims that there will be new video evidence presented in the upcoming days. With very little more to go on, we must wait for Standing’s recuperation in order to get the rest of the videos. What do you think he has in stock?

Video of a “Sylvanic Bigfoot” which was released earlier this year:

  • Park

    One thing that is right about this picture is the color of the fur or hair I described it in a report as being rust coloured .

  • Here is the difference. The panda has a very limited habitat, with a very limited diet. There are small numbers of pandas within that habitat, and parts of them are coveted for apothecary medicine, i.e. magic.

    Bigfoot is reported across the North American Continent, and most of Asia. IF it exists has a diet similar to that of a bear, consisting of wild berries that propagate rapidly and grow in a wide variety of environments, fish, which while numbers of many species are dwindling there are also attempts being made to restore those numbers, and according to some reports deer and other carcasses.

    Now I am not saying there should be BIgfoot hunting licenses, as there are in Texas, There should absolutely not be any such thing. BUT to protect it means the government acknowledges its existence, and considering the potential value, intrinsic or imagined, of such a creature and the inability of current law enforcement to police potential hunting grounds, acknowledgement will only encourage hunting. While the penalties for killing a protected creature are pretty tame.

  • Melli Castro

    Henry, if you watch the video again and just pay the minimum of attention you will get your answers

  • Melli Castro

    And your an expert at what sounds scripted? Please give me a break.It sounded scripted because it was. You don’t think these ppl. just pop up unannounced and begin filming?

  • Melli Castro

    Do you think you are the only one that has asked that question? And why should you go to the front of the list to get yours answered first. Easy to try and discredit someone when you can’t even credit yourself. In other words, “Who are you?”. Just saying. . .

  • Doug Underwood

    Jeeeeeez, please stop giving this con man the attention he craves already!

  • Michael

    has he been proven to be a real fraud. Show your evidence of him being exposed as fraud. How many expeditions have you done. I don’t mean going in the woods with a flash light and making whooping calls. I mean real research. I’m willing to bet you haven’t. So first people said oh the video is shaky. How come it’s not zoomed in. that’s what all you non believers say. And that’s fine. Your opinion. But when your faced with one possibly staring you in the face. What’s your response. It’s a mask. I would like to know from you the expert. What are they suppose to look like. I could believe in this day and age that hoaxs can and do happen. But do you say the same to the tribes of Indians that have reported and have believed in these animals for hundreds of years. i suppose they made fakes back then to trick their fellow tribesman. You are funny.

  • Michael

    he did not contact them as being missing. others that were concerned about him. hadn’t seen him. So they went out to find him. He knew he wasn’t lost. Are you kidding me. Do you people even listen. Or are you so consumed with proving wrong that you hear things and see things that aren’t true. And the believers are delusional. I think we see who is delusional.

  • Michael

    thank you. There sure is a lot of experts on here that seem to know how something should look. Or know what a bigfoot, that they don’t believe in looks like. He just knows how to get his point across. I would like to know what the credentials are of some of these people are on hear that seem to just know it’s all fake. First we used to have shaky video. And people said it’s fake. Why isn’t it clearer. Well the reason they don’t believe is because it’s so in their face. And what they are seeing goes against everything they have been taught. All the scientists saying it’s impossible. So they have to say it’s a man in a suit or a mask. or then they would have to go back and erase all they have been taught. So it’s easier to just say. It’s fake. If one was caught alive and showed to people. They would still say. Man in a suit!

  • hammerclawpc .

    Funny how the face is illuminated by a light source from the right, while the snow covered branches in the foreground are lit by a source from the left.

  • Cedric Bolivar

    I believe Mr standing is legit, and like below supporting comments, what makes thee ridiculers experts? and no one has a clear and close shot of a Squatch so how can this be denied being Real………..I truly don’t think mr Standing has done any hoax work at all but has passionately done his best to prove these creatures exist, only to be scoffed at and ridiculed by ignorant and uneducated people in the field.

    I see no fraud in mr Standing at all, just a passionate researcher doing his best to help a reclusive species.


    Les stroud brought me here, i see a monkeys eyes, with a humans mouth complete with stubble lol, this is a photoshop in my opinion, looks freaky though

  • Rebecca miller

    I want to talk to todd standing. Ive seen a bigfoot and its haunted me everyday since. I need to see one again and i believe i no how to find one. Please contact me. No bullshit. Serious. [email protected]

  • Suellen Wilder

    I totally agree with you Michael… I’m so sick of people saying he’s a fraud and Bigfoot isn’t real.. Sorry he is real! There is well enough evidence to prove it.. The Gov. is trying to hide it.. To those people who say he’s a fraud, I want to see your evidence to prove this..

  • Margo

    He feeds them apples. But he never sits still, like a hunter does, to just take photos of them taking the apples. My GoPro has caught things all over our property with less trouble. He is always moving around, or blocking his stationary camera. Just ask National Geographic explorers how many hours they sit, waiting for the animal to appear. If you hear them you hunker down and start filming. Seriously.