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Remember that “mysterious” creature that was found in Kentucky and raised a big debate online whether it was the Chupacabras or not?

Well, let’s just cut the suspense. It was a raccoon. Yup. A raccoon.

I personally have it difficult to understand how someone can look at a picture like the one above and believe it to be something other than a mangy animal. But I guess it happens. I’ve been reading a lot of posts and comments on the photos. Many swear that this is the real deal and go into details describing its teeth, claws and skin.

Unless you find something that looks like this:

Then you pretty much have just found a mangy animal.

PS: That last image is a hoax.

  • JP

    And the stupid guy has taken it to a taxidermist after “the world wide attention”, trying to milk another dollar out of it.

    -It´s a little mystery in yer day, he, he, he… [smoker´s cough]

    Did he miss the fact it´s NOT a mystery? It´s a raccoon.
    A raccoon with a skin problem, poor animal, but no mystery what so ever.

    Stupid, stupid, greedy, human race…

  • bigpunkdrummer

    I knew ‘Mr naked Opossum postee’ was wrong.

  • Mike D.

    Looks like a Chupacabra to me.

  • THANK YOU for covering this! Was hoping you would. I can’t believe it’s a hairless raccoon. Not that I thought it was a chupacabra either, but I never imagined raccoons would look so ugly bald. I thought it might be some kind of mega-rat.

  • Frank Thomas

    typical inbred hillbilly: “it looked strange so I’ll go get my rifle and shoot it.”

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  • jc

    Ears and eyes are too big to be a raccoon…

  • Frank promise

    Frankie boy thomas!!!! You inbred.