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blue ufo 2
President Obama getting sworn in for his second term may have drawn a bigger crowd than previously thought.

It was the night prior to the presidential inauguration that Fox News was doing a lead in story, when something quite interesting happened.

As they headed into a commercial break, a majestic view of the Washington Monument against the backdrop of a January night sky was put up. It was then a strange bluish object appeared. It showed itself for just a moment or two and then seemed to fade away in a puff of blue smoke.

I can only describe the UFO as two bright blue orbs that seemingly materialize in a downward motion and then fade away in a misty cloud.

Here is the video from the initial live broadcast:

Now here’s where it gets a little tricky. The video was recorded on an I-Phone from a DVR recording of Inauguration reports. This according to Gather.com

They reported the incident as follows:

FOX News seems to have caught a UFO “de-cloaking” near the Washington Monument on Inauguration Day. The video below catches the moment, just as a news report was breaking away for commercials. What is it?

The video, posted to YouTube, was taken by a viewer with an iPhone filming a DVR recording of FOX covering the presidential inaugural. The sharp-eyed viewer rolls the segment twice, but neither time helps to explain the sequence, except to rule out a reflection caused by the camera.

The unusual unidentified flying object does not display normal aviation running lights. All that is visible are two blue orbs. Those quickly disappear as the object seems to morph into a strange, smoky shape before it too fades out of view.

Comments on the channel try to explain the incident, with some coming from professional photographers. But none of the theories seem to fit. The UFO is clearly part of the image being broadcast, and it behaves in a way which no conventional aircraft, even surveillance drones, can duplicate.

So, what is it?

My opinion is that it has something to do with the two beacons on top of the monument and that’s as far as I’m going with that. I’ll let the GT faithful take it from there.

Don’t be surprised if this one is debunked by weeks end.

Thanks to gather.com for some of the content provided as well as Youtuber EdCrapper.

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  • IThinkso

    What is that? DIY fantasy excitement immunization process.

  • BW

    Scott . . . well, the “lights in the night sky” type of UFO sightings always seem to be -very- ephemeral.  I think if there are “others” who wanted to display themselves, it would be a heck of a lot more obvious than this.



  • Come on… this is simply lens flare coming and going as the cameraperson shifts the focus and zooms out. Complex lenses produce this all the time when they are facing into lights such as the one on the monument. If you watch the second part in slow motion, you can even see a bit of the same thing at the very start, at the top edge of the frame, as they are starting to zoom in. To clarify, I’m pretty sure it’s the lights at the base of the monument causing the flare, not the two red ones in the frame, hence the blue color.

  • Lens flare! Come on! 

  • some how its the lens of the camera throwing the reflection from the two lights on the top of the washington monument into the air, then losing it.

  • Mario Kwo Mo

    It was probably “Founder” Count Josef playing with the landing lights.
    He’s old, but has always been a “gadget freak.”

  • Michael Delhunty

    100% Legit ufo footage. http://youtu.be/_y1fIaxgte4 This was at the Cathedral Bluffs in Scarborough on September 11, 2013 at 5:58 PM