Amazing: 11 Year Old Boy Photographs Unbelievable UFO

Amazing: 11 Year Old Boy Photographs Unbelievable UFO

I realize that we’ve done a few UFO articles this week, but I’d be derelict in my duties if I didn’t report on this one. To me, this is worth the extra coverage.

It was Sunday, May 27 when 11 year old Jack Brody was playing in the garden near his home in Loughton.

What happened next prompted Jack to take immediate action. He happen to look up and see a silvery object in the sky. Jack’s quick thinking drove him without haste as he ran into his house to get a camera.

As Jack Photographed the object, he noted no discernible sound. Also, when a plane would get near it, the glittering UFO would disappear from view.

Here’s a report from local news site, Guardian:

EPPING FOREST: UFO pictured over forest

AN 11-year-old boy has sparked debate between sky-gazers after snapping a UFO hovering over Epping Forest.

On Sunday, May 27, Jack Brody was playing in the garden of his family home in Loughton, when he noticed a tiny silver object glittering in the clear blue sky far above.

Jack ran inside, grabbed a camera and took a photograph of the object.

11 Year Old Jack Brody With Camera Pointed To Sky

Jack’s father Simon, 39, said: “I got back from a walk and Jack ran up to me and said ‘you will not believe what I got a picture of.

“He pointed at this thing that was so small that you could barely see it. It was up there glimmering in the sun.

“When we zoomed in and looked at the picture closer I said to my friend, who was visiting, ‘you have to come and see this.’ “ “We just could not work out what it was. It is a kind of silver circular thing. It is very odd.

“We have heard some people say that it must be a weather balloon, but the way it moved I just don’t think it could have been.

“When a plane came close to it it was there one minute and the next minute it was not, you could not hear it fly off, you just could not see it again.

“It is funny, committed UFO spotters who spend years trying to get pictures would not be able to get one that is that good.”

In the photo above, I did a little manipulation as I blew it up and did some balancing. It seems it didn’t help as it tends to make the object less recognizable. However, I thought it couldn’t hurt to throw it in.

Is it my imagination, or does it look like there’s a glowing sphere in the center of this object?

This is one of the most unique UFOs I’ve seen so far this year and I can honestly say that I have no idea what’s going on with this one. Could it be that Jack and/or his father are pulling a fast one? I don’t get that feeling with this incident.

Does anyone have an opinion of what this UFO might be? Lets hear it!

Thanks to Guardian for this photo snappers story.

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