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Angel Joel Soto got the scare of his life when he interrupted an unknown creature which had just taken down one of his goats.

Surprised by Soto, the beast escaped his property by jumping a 9 foot tall fence, topped with razor wire. Strangely enough, it required no running start, as it stopped at the fence line prior to leaping.

This was Soto’s second run in of this sort in 3 months. His horse was attacked in January by what could be the same predator.

Is this the infamous Chupacabra?

The following report comes out of Puerto Rico from Inexplicata:

Puerto Rico: Chupacabras – The Night Siege

On Saturday, 20 April 2013, the research team formed by José Pérez, Ilbis Domínguez, Luissepi Quiñones, José A. Martínez, Aníbal Martínez and Richard Flrores paid a visit to Mr. Flores’ farm for an interview. This was after interviewing Mr. Fernando Díaz, the person whose car collided with a strange creature back in March. Mr. Flores (“Tigre”) told us the following:

“For some two or three weeks now, my animals have been turning up dead in a mysterious way. First it was the chickens, then ten rabbits, five ducklings and finally two lambs. All of them showed perforations near the neck and on various parts of the body. Whatever was killing them broke their cages.

“On Thursday, 18 April 2013 at around 9:00 p.m., I headed to the farm to make sure everything was ok was the animals. As I approached the stable where I keep my horses, I saw them running around, frightened, as though fleeing from something.

“I grabbed my flashlight and went to the pen, opened the door and immediately noticed that the wooden cage in which I kept my last remaining goat was opened. I suddenly heard a sound and when I pointed the flashlight to see what it was, I saw the goat stirring on the ground. I called to my wife: “The goat’s injured!” I got closer and that’s when I saw a dark figure near my goat, which was motionless on the ground. All I could make out was a crouched figure, black with shiny black eyes (possible flashlight reflection).

“When that thing saw me, it took off running toward the fence in the back of the pen. The fence is approximately nine feet tall, and has a concertina type razor wire on top of it. That thing ran quickly. Just as it faced the fence, it got ready to leap with its hind legs, taking an incredible flying leap to reach the other side. As it did so, it was momentarily entangled in the concertina wire, cutting its skin and leaving hair on the wire.

“Once it reached the other side, it ran to the left of the fence, plunged into the brush and vanished. To tell you the truth, I don’t know who was more frightened – that thing or I. That night I quit being “Tigre” for a while (humorous remark). That was definitely not a dog. I didn’t see any wings on it or anything.
“The little goat was my son’s pet. He even called her “Li” after his grandmother, whose name is Lili.”

When our research team visited the site the following Saturday, we could examine the goat’s carcass. The night on which the events occurred, all it had was a laceration on its neck and some perforations near its genitals, but when we examined it, the animal’s head was twisted and it seemed as though its neck area had been enlarged further, and its mouth was open. We had the impression that the creature had returned during the night to finish the job.

We examined the entire area but didn’t find any prints. We did, however, take samples of the blood and hair of the animal that was left on the concertina wire. These samples of genetic material have been submitted to a laboratory for analysis. We will keep you apprised of the results.

The most curious item of information was that when the creature leaped, it did not take a running leap. It simply stopped in front of the fence and took a nine-foot jump on its hind legs. We are not aware of any animal known to man that is able to do such a thing.

You can read the entire story here….

For those of you who understand hispaniola, here is a video of the preliminary investigation:

It seems there’s been an increase in attacks recently with descriptions ranging from the recognizable to the absurd.

While I’m not convinced that there is an actual Chupacabra out there, I am convinced that people in Puerto Rico are scared, confused and angry.

In my opinion they would be better off having an experienced tracker/hunter go to work and get to the bottom of this. Coming up with crypto or paranormal creatures to explain things away isn’t going to bring their farm animals back. They need an organized effort to track this predator/s down.

Other than a myriad of bats and snakes, there is really nothing indigenous to the island that would fit the descriptions given. There are feral animals such as cats, dogs and monkeys but they are typically strays or escapees that have developed an aversion to humans, either via time or generational adaptation.

My spidey sense tells me that this is possibly an escaped or dumped exotic cat of some sort. Of course, that doesn’t explain Chupacabra sightings or attacks through history. After all, one animal can’t live forever and having two or more of the same species introduced into the wild is quite a stretch. However, feral dogs or cats would be abundant, so odds are they would always be lurking about. Who’s to say that it has to be one or the other? A loose exotic cat today, a feral dog tomorrow and on it goes.

In all my experience with reporting on Chupacabras, I have yet to see any viable evidence. Suffice it to say, I will be watching closely for the results of hair and tissue samples.

Thanks to Inexplicata and José Pérez of PRMUFON for bringing us the latest on the legendary Chupacabra.

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  • radiorerafts

    You’d have to be pretty drunk not to recognize a cat.

  • Scott_McMan

    But pretty sober to describe it as some supernatural creature.

  • The Oshmar

    It doesn’t say roughly how large the creature was, I could see some sort of wild cat like a bobcat or something (I don’t know what kind of larger cats Puerto Rico has) I cant see a normal domesticated or even wild house/feral cat taking down a goat ever.

    “After all, one animal can’t live forever” one can, barring being killed or disease:


  • The Oshmar
  • whipthorn

    Good find!


    Fence is only 7ft, leaves a wider door for predation suspects…

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    Get a 12 guage loaded with double 00 buck and nail the demonic little bas-ard!

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    It’s Toby Keith

  • IThinkso

    Poor known beast with not so successful leap….the evidence at the end.

    “Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Inc.

    We had a very UN-usual situation happen one week ago today. You would think, that after 35 years, that would have seen it all. Not even close!!

    We got a call about a coyote which was ‘stuck’ on a fence in the Tahoe Keys. Well, we have heard that before. So, we asked Bob Dietz, co-founder of LTWC, who lives close by, to check it out. He called back and told us to get out there. Upon arrival at the address, I saw what you see in this picture. The coyote was literally impaled on a wrought iron fence and the iron bar had gone all the way through his body!! In addition, the top if each ‘spear’ was like an arrowhead – – – narrow at the top, then wider at the bottom. I put the noose around its head and the coyote didn’t struggle at all. Oh, yes!!! It was still very much alive. So, I put the right front leg through the noose, so as to not ‘choke’ the kid. Again, no struggle. I tightened up the noose and lifted the front part of the body so it would be level with the ground. I then slipped my left hand under the stomach area, just in front of where the fence had penetrated. In one sudden movement, I jerked the coyote up and off of the fence. He must have felt like a ‘Shish-Ka-Bob’! In the cage he went and off to see Dr Willitts at Alpine Animal Hospital we went. Kevin was EXTREMELY busy. I asked him if he could look at the coyote and he said, “Sure. About midnight!” Well, being the animal lover he is, he helped me bring the coyote in to the hospital, knocked it out, then proceeded to examine it. Believe it or not, other than some torn muscles, there was no evidence of any other intestinal damage. Amazing. He sewed up the torn skin, both on the underside (stomach area) and the back right side of the coyote, gave me some instructions and off we went to LTWC. The coyote began moving fairly normally within a couple of days and has now been released.

    Another successful release!! But, wow – – – what a different body to the story!



  • IThinkso

    Sorry! the evidence got delayed due to a technical difficulty.

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    So are we agreed then? Local livestock have been killed by jellyfish. 🙂

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    It was a Black Thug Rapper Guy from Detroit!! Because CNN said so!