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The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure is well underway in Washington, D.C.  The five day event (April 29th – May 3) was setup by the CHD with the intention of bringing light to the subject of Disclosure. but unfortunately for them, they’ve only manage to attract negative attention and heavy criticism from the public and media.

Dr. Steven Greer’s recent UFO documentary ‘Sirius‘ is already out for download. The reviews for the documentary in which Dr. Greer and a team of researchers claim to have in their possession an extraterrestrial 6-inch life form, have been dismal. The documentary and evidence presented to the public is nothing more than rehashed information that these researchers have peddled for the past few decades.

I turned to Reddit for some reviews on Sirius and found this one posted by smackfrog to be informative:

I watched Sirius last night with my family…all of us very well versed on the subject matter, and we all had a similar response: This was a huge missed opportunity for the UFO community to gain legitimacy.


-Greer has an amazing ability to connect important people and to mass market the subject.


-Completely erratic and unorganized delivery

-Way too much trying to explain the macro, not enough on UFO evidence or actual disclosure.

-He has 200+ credible eye-witness testimony, but there wasn’t enough interview footage.

-20+ governments have released their UFO files? OK, what did they say?

-Way to much existential bullshit like his CE-5 meditating crap

-Free energy? Huge claim and huge subject to cover, yet they breexed through it in like 2 minutes, with almost no evidence or credible reference.

-Absolutely no reason to go do the “9/11 was an inside job” angle

Overall, just a lazy production that was unorganized at best. Greer tried to intertwine his personal story and movement rather than focus on actual disclosure or real evidence. He stepped his foot into about 20 rabbit holes but didn’t delve into any of them. At best, this is a decent intro movie to a lowest common denominator audience that might plant a seed or two for future productions, nothing more.

I think Reddit user smackfrog said it best. ‘This was a huge opportunity for the UFO community to gain legitimacy.’ It’s obvious that the CHD and those behind it know how to market an idea. They have that down to a science. Unfortunately for us, the real science is not there as far as Ufology is concerned. Besides the bad reviews for the documentary, the CHD was dealt another crippling blow by a recent article posted by The Guardian UK about the UFO hearing paying some of the former Congressmen and Senators $20,000 just to legitimize their claims:

The politicians who made up the committee were given just five minutes each to cross-examine witnesses, but defended their presence and the $20,000 “honorarium”.

“I would not have come if I thought it was damaging to my reputation,” said California Democrat Lynn Woolsey, who retired from Congress this year after 10 terms in office. “I am here because I believe in transparency.”

Roscoe Bartlett, a Tea Party Republican from Maryland who served 10 terms in Congress and chaired a sub-committee of the House armed services committtee, said: “Extraterrestrials are not anti-biblical. Read the book of Job – it’s all there.”

Senator Mike Gravel, a Democrat who represented Alaska for 22 years, added: “It is the height of human arrogance to think that we are the only sentient humans [sic] in the universe that can think.” –source: Guardian UK

Extraterrestrials are not anti-biblical…‘ I’m not sure what former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett meant by his statement to the press (or his contributions to Ufology for that matter) so I decided to dig a little into the lives of some of the members of the Disclosure committee. Here’s what I found:

Former Congressman Merrill Cook (Rep. – Utah)

The former Congressman has had his share of craziness during his term. He’s been accused of being temperamental, delusional, and displays erratic behavior. These being the words of his own staff:

MerrillcookBoth Cook, 54, and Smith, 35, are conservatives who oppose gun control and abortion rights. The race has focused instead on Cook’s temper and accusations of erratic behavior from former staffers. Cook, after a half-dozen unsuccessful campaigns for everything from school board to governor, won the House seat in 1996. In years past, he angered many by running a citizens’ initiative against a GOP tax increase and briefly leaving the party to challenge a Republican governor.

Two years ago, Cook was briefly banned from state GOP headquarters after a foul-mouthed tirade days before the November election. Soon after he won his second term, Cook fired chief of staff Janet Jenson, who accused him of delusional behavior.

”Merrill has taken up permanent residence in whacko land,” Jenson wrote in an office e-mail. ”If he asks you to fax his underwear to the speaker’s office, please just do it.” –source: USA TODAY

Former Senator Mike Gravel (Dem. – Alaska)

The former Senator was part of the 9/11 CC (9/11 Citizens Commission) and sought the truth about the September 11th terrorist attack. Unfortunately for the victims, Senator Gravel had another agenda in mind when he gained access to the 9/11 commission’s monetary funds. The former Senator has also been tied with the Holocaust Denial Movement. In 2003 Gravel appeared as a speaker at the Holocaust-denier’s publication and has since tried to distance himself from it.

Here’s an email that the  9/11CC board sent to all its donors about Senator Mike Gravel:

Mike_Gravel_by_Gage_SkidmoreWe have a responsibility to relate to you some very serious and unfortunate news: There has come a parting of the ways of Senator Mike Gravel from the rest of the 9-11cc team. Briefly, the pivotal event of that parting came to our attention in mid-December when we found that our bank account, under the sole control of Mike Gravel, was being tapped for large, unauthorized expenditures paid to promote an unrelated campaign of Mike’s – his National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D).

When this disturbing item was put on our Campaign Team’s agenda for the next team meeting, Mike Gravel, for the first time, declined to participate, and instead sent a long letter in which he expressed his intention to dissolve the legal entity that our 9-11cc organization had established to enable us to collect funds. Mike Gravel further informed us of his plan to transfer the 9-11cc’s funds to his own, unrelated NI4D campaign.

Both of Mike’s proposals were rejected by all other members of the board. Although as a Board we had been in discussion for several months about refinements to our path going forward, these radical, unilateral decisions by Mike Gravel came as a complete shock to us. Shortly thereafter, our treasurer, George Ripley, made an unsuccessful attempt to have our accountant freeze our bank account to prevent further unauthorized and unaccounted-for expenditures.

As our Board prepared to meet two nights later to consider our response (a meeting Mike Gravel again chose not to attend), we found that $25,000 more had been withdrawn that same day from our bank account, leaving only about a $6,000 balance (now ~$1000). We tried in vain up to and throughout the Christmas holidays to use reason and peer pressure to get Mike Gravel back into productive communication with the rest of the Board, and to persuade him to return the donated funds to the Citizen’s Commission Campaign –source: 911 Truth News


Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (Rep. Maryland)

The 86 year old is a member of the Tea Party Movement and has publicly spoken against immigration and immigrants.

The out-of-touch former Congressman is one of the founders of the Congressional EMP Caucus. A committee started to form a grid protection against an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack on the United States:

roscoe_bartlett_of_marylandAmericans should be relieved to know that the bipartisan Congressional EMP Caucus, which I head with Representatives Yvette Clarke (a Democrat from New York) and Trent Franks (a Republican from Arizona), is working with colleagues to protect our grid from EMP – Roscoe Bartlett . –source: New York Times





Former Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (Dem. – Michigan)

Carolyn Kilpatrick’s son is former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Kwame Kilpatrick is facing up to 30 years in prison for charges of sexual misconduct, racketeering, and obstruction of justice. The former Congresswoman has battled financial problems since her family’s involvement in multiple scandals:

Carolyn-KilpatrickProsecutors said Kilpatrick ran a “private profit machine” out of Detroit’s City Hall. The government presented evidence to show he got a share of the spoils after ensuring that Bobby Ferguson’s excavating company was awarded millions in work from the water department.

Business owners said they were forced to hire Ferguson as a subcontractor or risk losing city contracts. Separately, fundraiser Emma Bell said she gave Kilpatrick more than $200,000 as his personal cut of political donations, pulling cash from her bra during private meetings. A high-ranking aide, Derrick Miller, told jurors that he often was the middle man, passing bribes from others.

Internal Revenue Service agents said Kilpatrick spent $840,000 beyond his mayoral salary.

Ferguson, Kilpatrick’s pal, was also convicted of a racketeering conspiracy charge. The jury could not reach a verdict on the same charge for Kilpatrick’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick, but convicted him of submitting a false tax return. –source:


With such a colorful committee it’s no wonder why most of the media scoffs at the CHD’s futile attempt at legitimizing their mission. They seem disorganized, ill-equipped, and without a clue as to what they really want from the government. We hear them screaming for disclosure and public access to supposed top secret UFO files, but what does all that mean? What files? Disclosure of what?

Are they saying that the government has access to alien technology and that it is their obligation to disclose this to the public?


And if the government did have the bodies of little green men in glass tanks filled with formaldehyde and happen to be in a good mood one day and release all this information to us, then what?

What will we do differently then, than what we do now?

NASA is barely holding on by a thread, surviving mainly by the  meager scraps that get tossed their way. The educational framework in this country is as weak as the economy and the CHD are worried about Uncle Sam possibly hiding E.T. in a closet somewhere?

I think we need to look at Ufology as a whole and demand better organization from the leading groups that have a legitimate interest in science. When that happens, science, not self-promotion, will lead the way to disclosure.

  • Valkyrie13

    So much puerile drivel… instead of being a dick try reading and using your brain to process information.

  • Okay, thousands of people all believe the same thing and that must mean it is true.

    Millions of people believe in the Christian god, that that god had a son who was a messiah who then rose from the dead and became god himself. Therefore that must be true.

    EXCEPT there are millions of Jews who believe that same man was only a man, not the son of god but a false messiah. Therefore that must be true.

    EXCEPT there are millions in Islam who believe that man was a messenger of god who was never crucified and their manifestation of god has yet to come. So That must be true.

    And all of those millions put together believe god appeared out of nowhere and created all of the universe out of nothing in just a few days. So that must be true.

    EXCEPT there are tens of millions of Hindus who believe the universe continues to destroy and recreate itself out of a vast ocean; that Vishnu appears, and then out of Vishnu Brahma appears and the whole cycle repeats. So that must be true.

    EXCEPT millions of buddhists accept the prevailing theories of science on the creation of the universe and where life originated as do however many thousands of physicists and cosmologists and astronomers etc.

    So the number of people who believe something makes it true, then all of these stories must be true even though they contradict each other.

  • Scott_McMan

    But a few scientists believe that a pinpoint exploded into the big bang.

    There are inherent problems in what you say Henry. It’s not as black and white as you show it to be. However, I’m not going to get into such a discussion here.

  • I am not intending to offer an opinion about the beginning of the universe, only illustrate the numbers of people with conflicting beliefs as counter to the statement above that the number of people who have seen UFOs should be taken as proof. Whatever the truth may be, they cannot all be true.

  • Scott_McMan

    Just a reminder, we are very open minded here at GhostTheory, but we also have kids who come to the site. I was forced to delete a comment today that went way over the top.

    Disagree as vehemently as you like, but watch the abundant profanity, name calling and personal attacks on other posters, please.

  • IThinkso
  • Jack Sprat

    If you prefer the ostrich-in-the-sand syndrome, which seems apparent just by viewing this story, then keep that choir of yours close on-hand for future preaching. Apparently, the degree of idiocy is just over the top. I got news for you super-geniuses with obvious room temperature IQs: ET has been here all along. If not via underground bases, then for occasional visits – which to them might as well be every 1000 years or so. Again, if you haven’t figured out yet that we survive death, and reincarnate, you need to go back to square ONE. It’s okay, as about a billion of our incarnate population is quite oblivious as well.

    You people seem to think ET *OWES* it to you, or that those of us who are in the `Know’ somehow do, to PROVE to you what you wouldn’t believe, and don’t want to believe, even if/when Klaatu & GORT show up and land on the National Mall. I mean, come on – you are the same folks who probably think the Nat’l MALL is just a big, 12-level place where you can get your trendy jeans for $100, or junk jewelry, or a funnel cake to eat while you watch Jerry Springer on 1000 widescreen TVs. Can you even take your eyes off of the seat in front of you as you travel and LOOK UP, or are you too addicted to seeing who’s suing who, what new interracial love child is being tormented for your amusement, etc.?

    Yeah, you live in the Bread’n’Circuses that is referenced in `Sirius.’ And either you know it, or you’re just plain complacent. You don’t *want* to `wake up.’ You don’t WANT proof of ET. You’ve demonstrated that, and anyone who would read the article above – or any such with the bias & level of ignorance demonstrated – and not instantly see it for the drivel it is … pretty much deserves the vicious circle of re-reified idiocy that s/he has long been embracing. I mean, I would TRY to suggest something positive for you folks, but I can see that the FOOLISH prefer to remain FOOLISH. The ignorant far prefer to remain IGNORANT … than think for themselves – EVEN ONCE – and come to their own conclusions. Instead of listening to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of legitimate cases of direct, eyewitness testimony from the past CENTURY and more of UFO sightings, encounters & interactions [truly Close Encounters of the FIFTH Kind, at this stage] … you folks want to keep shooting fish in a barrel to keep your high’n’mighty egos on top. I got news for ya. You’re in danger of being the LAST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET to wake up to reality. And no. That’s no overnight Awareness. It takes lifetimes. Lifetimes of CONSCIOUS, INTENTIONAL EFFORT. Any of this gettin’ through to you folks yet?

    If, and apparently, not … don’t give up. I have faith in you. You represent the tail END of the bell curve, and it’s your foolishness which often presents a DRAG on the proverbial system, as the opposite end of folks tries to pave the way for us ALL. But meanwhile as you poor sots are all sitting around congratulating each other on your utter cluelessness [oh, ET *cannot* exist, and no, they CANNOT be here, and no, we CANNOT travel FTL, blah blah blah] … meanwhile, ET to the tune of Heinz 57 [look it up] has been interacting with us HERE, in our OWN atmosphere [physical/etheric, astral, mental and Spiritual] for decades. Some are incarnate, and you have shaken hands with them. They have more Intelligence, more Wit, more Wisdom and more genuine, Compassionate LOVE within their little finger than most of you buffoons, combined, have in your entire spiritual auras. However, as I said, I have FAITH in you. I do, because even a lowly TOAD, sitting on his toadstool and sucking down flies, will eventually evolve to a higher expression of the One Universal Spirit. If you [all/any] can’t see that yet, come back & find me in a few more dozen incarnations. I will never spit on you, or in your face, or laugh at your ignorance, recalcitrance and idiocy. I will not say “I told you so,” and if I’m still here, I won’t ignore your questions (which I hope will be reasonable by then). After all, we ALL had to evolve:

    From darkness to Light, From ignorance to Wisdom, From death to Immortality …

    … and yeah, the Journey still continues, for us ALL. Join the bigger picture someday, perhaps? You’d be SURPRISED who’s already there, just waiting for you. Nor idly, as the world needs help now more than at any time in her long & mysterious history. And no, I’m not `the Enlightened One,’ any more – really – than YOU are. So get that smug, superiority complex (which you, oh-so-smarter-than-the-idiots-who-believe-in-aliens-and-UFOs types love to lord over the rest of us) out of my face. I’m just not so ignorant that I let other people do my thinking FOR me, or determine my position on things. I have never *SEEN* an alien. I have never *SEEN* a ghost. And certainly, since it’s not possible until a high degree of spiritual attainment, I have not *SEEN* the evidence or proof for `God’ that most people think they’d need in order to understand and believe. Yet I know, with far greater confidence than you have in your own existence, that all which I suggest is true, and that we are not `alone,’ as we have NEVER been alone. Yeah, you can get on the bandwagon – and for the right reasons – any time you like. Or, if you must, you be the last holdout on the planet, insisting that everything you see around you is just an illusion, screaming “make all the bad people go away,” when really the “bad people” for you, all along, have just been those who would dare to pop your little bubble, and urge you to wake up from your own (often self-perpetuated, if not largely self-induced) IGNORANCE. It’s YOUR choice, however, when you will “see the Light.”

    But of course, don’t let MY little delusions sway you. After all, YOU KNOW BEST. Right?

  • unknow