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Over the bow of the Navy’s USS Wasp amphibious assault ship we can see what looks to be a “UFO” rising out of the sea or maybe just flying in to take a look at what America has in the way of defense.

But this UFO is not the mystery we may think it is. That’s because it’s not a UFO at all, but an advanced Marine fighter jet.

Here’s the low down on the Lockheed Martin F-35B Joint Strike Fighter from the Daily Mail:

Eerie UFO-like footage shows the U.S. Marines’ latest high-tech jet

With a globe of light illuminating each wingtip, and a fierce tongue of fire spouting from beneath, this hovering aircraft has been compared to an extraterrestrial visitor.

It is the latest test of the high-tech warplane that the U.S. and its allies are funding to maintain the West’s aerial dominance far into the 21st century.

A video shows the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II making its first night landing at sea, using its vertical landing capabilities to gently touch down on the deck of the USS Wasp.


The F-35B Lightning is the short take-off/vertical landing (STOVL) variant of the radar-evading Joint Strike Fighter – a collaborative development funded by the U.S. and eight of its major allies.

The jet combines advanced stealth features with fighter speed and agility, with its STOVL capabilities enabling it to operate from a wider range of ships.

The landing shown in the video was carried out by U.S. Marine Corps test pilot Lieutenant Colonel C.R. ‘Jimi’ Clift, a Harrier pilot by training.

‘It all went extremely well,’ he said. ‘Eight successful landings in one night, so we’re tracking favorably along the learning curve.’

During the 18-day long ship trials, which began on August 14, two F-35Bs were to conduct a series of tests to determine the aircraft’s suitability for sea-based operations.

They also included the first take-off and landing at sea by an RAF test pilot, Squadron Leader Jim Schofield, with the UK earmarking £250billion for a fleet of the jets due to be in operation by 2018.

Squadron Leader Schofield said: ‘It’s exciting to see the integration of this new plane with the amphibious assault ships.

‘After a year leading up to this evolution, it’s awesome to get here and start. And the crew has been especially accommodating and efficient at running these tests smoothly’


Captain Erik Etz, Director of Test & Evaluation for the F-35 Naval Variants, added: ‘It’s a significant milestone for the F-35 programme.

‘We’re providing an envelope that will be utilised by Marine Corps and U.K. aviators when they go out and employ the aircraft in a real environment.


For more on this story, head over to the Daily Mail…

With so many possibilities out there, UFO sightings just don’t have the luster they once enjoyed. I’ve gotten to the point where I all but ignore reports of “lights” in the sky. A distant orange dot means very little and the claims I’ve read don’t impress me either.

While there are those who make clear what they are referencing, lets be honest, most who report “UFOs” equate them with ET craft of some kind. I sift through 100+ reports a month and it’s extremely rare that one catches my eye enough to spend any time examining it. Unfortunately, a quick run through Image Error Analysis eliminates 95% of those and further analysis brings that number to roughly 99%. If you’re paying attention, that leaves a grand total of 1 in 100 as unexplained. Remember that word, “unexplained” because that “one” may not be anything otherworldly either.

With all the drones and other advanced aircraft flying around, it’s almost impossible to differentiate from a distance, especially at night. Sightings tend to happen in a very short period of time and frankly, if I saw the F35 from say 2 miles away, it would look a lot like a triangular craft of some sort. Many military aircraft can (from our vantage point) imitate classic saucers or “UFO” configurations (whatever that means) from the right viewing angle. This problem has also worked it’s way into the private sector with RC aircraft. As we’ve already reported (see associated content), they can now attach LEDs to large RC jets, etc…which again, gives a jaded perception in many instances.

This begs the question: Is it getting more difficult to ascertain the possible origin of a UFO? Everyone wants to believe they are witnessing something made on a distant planet, but I think we are getting to a point in our history where ET may have to fly down and park at the local high school in order to be accurately identified.

I am of the belief that there are advanced races on distant stars, however, I have yet to see anything that would convince me of their visitation to Earth. Then again, I would never assume that ET hasn’t been here as some photos do raise questions. In fact of the tens of thousands of UFO photos taken over the years, I’ve seen possibly 10 that raise my eyebrows. One such photo was taken in Northcliff, South Africa in 1963. It was taken by a real estate agent, out photographing homes for sale. Below we see that photo as well as a close up of the object/s in question.



As we can all see, the clarity of that picture is pretty decent considering the era. The funny thing is, as we’ve advanced in technology, our photos seem to get more and more blurred. Hmm, don’t you think that’s somewhat strange? If this real estate agent can take such a photo in 1963, come on! Even our smartphones have HD cameras on them.

Finally, as much as I claim to be on the fence, I have been guilty of sensationalizing UFO stories in past articles. If I see a shred of possibility…..and lets face it, I have a responsibility to allow the readers to make up their own minds, even if I’m not convinced.

I’ll see you at the next Lincoln High parking lot stake out. Oh and don’t forget to smudge your camera lens.

Thanks to the Daily Mail and UFO Casebook for providing content for this article.

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  • Without supporting evidence of that engineering, or the infrastructure necessary to develop it, your claims have no basis. Do we lack some of the knowledge that our ancestors did? Certainly. Most people today could not manage or even understand a 19th century American frontier lifestyle. But that same lack of knowledge equally argues that they had experience and methods of applying the tools we know them to have had in creation of their structures, and that argument is far more legitimate and supportable than to suggest they possessed a level of technology for which there is no support in evidence of the infrastructure required to develop it.

    “How is it even possible to move a 44ton block, lift in place, and still
    be so certain that it would fit like Lego – without some CAD preparation?

    A template applied to both sides, a lot of people and time. But you are welcome to show me their cranes, or any tangible evidence of their levitation technology, and all of the technology that built up to that.
    Show me that the technology existed in their daily lives and they did not cook over open fires, or in clay ovens.

    A people that go to the lengths they did to create permanent structures, do not just chose to leave the rest of their creations where they will rust away to nothing. And that would not happen anyway.”

  • Shane Schuller

    “Stone is an adequate tool for the cutting of stone.”
    And just how far can you get using stone?
    Steel chisels require constant sharpening. Have you ever drilled into stone using a steel bit? Unless your bit is correctly designed for it you will achieve a hole. Have you tried drilling a hole in granite – using granite as your bit? Please demonstrate this.

    “The only difference between how they did it then and how we do it now is that in their time it took more time.”
    This is not supporting your argument – but you already know that.

    “They were not working as contractors on a bid, there were no issues of profit margins.”
    So why were they mining gold? What were these mine all over our planet? Where is all that gold today?

    “It seems evident you have never worked in any craft that requires use of tools or your own hands.”
    You are highly mistaken Henry. I’ve been in the fabrication business (my own) for 22yrs. I’ve worked with metal and Cnc machines. I’m experienced in core drilling too. You welcome to view my profile. For over five years I’ve been building Cnc robotic machine as a sideline hobby. Would you like a lesson or two? Forgive me for sounding mordant but you have no idea what you talking about regarding engineering if you assume our ancients pulled these things off with limited stone tools. In fact it’s laughable in the engineering community and no time in the world can bring on that amount of accuracy. Every project requires planning, modeling, skilled labor, management and equipment. And that is a fact in this business, pyramids or current buildings.

    “The sort of precision shown in all of these structures requires very simple tools, we have found many of them, and a lot of labor and time.”
    Sorry Henry but you are VERY wrong. And I urge you to speak to skilled people, professionals vs vs stone carving artists – see what you come up with.

    I think it is important that you look into stone cutting and the necessary tooling required for accuracy before we continue this part of the subject otherwise it’s moot.

    “We know where the workers who built the pyramids live, know what they ate, know that they received health care, know some of their names, and know they were not slaves.”
    Really is that a fact? Yet no one can produce supportable evidence as to the accuracy they achieve – other than people like Chris Dunn and others. It doesn’t matter whether they were slaves or not, it doesn’t answer the supposed mystery of these engineered skills.

    “Even the Pope admits the fallacies of the bible and that it does not represent history, but should be taken a parable.”
    As for the pope – is this your validation? What gives him clout to support your argument? for a very long time people are visiting egypt for mount Sinai – how come the pope didn’t set this record straight? I’ve shown you a link of the real discovery – claimed the bible being a history book yet you leaving that fact out of this. I am not a Christian nor do I have any labelled religion yet I accept the history in these books. Because I’m not bias and see it for what it is. If the Moses story was told by clergymen, sounding like a fairy tale, then that’s their mistake, because it was a very true story and the proof has been presented. There’s been other confirmed stories as well. So if these confirmed stories are good enough to support an argument, then the idea that nephilim and Elohim must have some value. Similar to Rig Vedas, Quran, and old texts that tell stories of these beings. How come they all tell a similar story even through they were geographically distant? And! different time frames.

    “you cannot simply accept that the bible or other mythologies are fact.”
    I can because I’ve learned something and present a different answer than the mainstream ones.

    “There is significant difference between a swiss watch, with nearly microscopic parts that require refining and tempering and machining of metals” exactly my point – it requires all this, therefore the antekythera device is an “out of place” artifact. Machined it was.

    “for which there exists no evidence any of these cultures were capable, and the carving of stone blocks.”
    I’m not disputing your fact that no evidence exist – and I never did this. My point is clear saying that whatever finds their are required skill and! Equipment that was more advanced or like ours today. Can I support that statement? Yes with our known methods today, and that those who’ve attempted the primitive fail.
    Have we found any equipment? No!
    Have we found the answer by using primitive stone tools? No
    Can we replicate (say Puma Punka) blocks? Yes but only with Cnc precision machines and or known machined methods – and again I assert not with primitive tools?
    Just as you require me to support my statements, you too are required the same. The difference is the method I propose is the only method possible. So we can argue till we blue in the face – we cannot deny that it is the only method. Again I’m saying our ancients were much more advanced than we are today – we just don’t have other proof other than these megalithic ruins and their knowledge of the stars. Their language was misinterpreted as myth – example the slaying of dragons refer to Perseus and other constellations. They were sharing knowledge of neighboring stars and planets that our astronomers have only lately discovered. The pyramids (IMO) was marking solstice and equinox, by using zenith and nadir as reference (this is what my book is based on – orthogonal projections). Nothing fairy tale about gods and aliens coming here and doing their thing.

  • Shane Schuller

    This is certainly not the work of primitive tools or a primitive mind. Please compare the engineering of today vs your theory of stone tools to achieve the following equidistant holes – please show me valid evidence because I’d love to learn something other than I already know.

  • Shane Schuller

    To reference the Moses story – the black top mountain, the bitter springs, the crossing of the sea, the calf worship, the split rock, the cave of Elijah and and and that was in the bible describing this event, has been discovered in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis know of this and won’t allow access – why? It’s fenced off. Check this out. This should blow theories outta the water – those claiming the bible is fiction – and hey I don’t even want a religion not have one.

  • So your argument is that no one is allowed access, therefore the proof exists?

  • Shane Schuller

    Henry from all the things I said – this is your reply? I’ve raised this discovery twice one here and this is all you have. I call that diversion tactics. Funny thing though I find that on many blogs – they feel cornered and can’t produce any further discussion so immediately resort one liners.

    Henry, either you purposefully ignorant to facts when presented and or your impervious theories are threatened. I don’t know – but what ever you presenting here could’ve been a whole lot better if you acknowledge FACTS and accepts that all and everyone only has theories – nothing set in stone. Then my friend you’d imbue admirers.

    Obviously this is not a forum I wish to further a discussion – I’m looking for answers to my questions, and not TELLING you what it is – except suggest. So good luck and hope you learn something valuable in the future 🙂

  • I find that many people trying to sell an “alternative” theory often use the fact that because information is being “hidden from them” as confirmation that they are correct in their assertions. It is practically the entire basis for theories surrounding Area 51 (and yes I am aware that has no bearing on this discussion, I merely use it as an example) and that argument can be boiled down to its essential: “I don’t know, therefore I do know” More “God in the gaps” insubstantial nonsense.

    You have a pretty short attention span if you think after this exchange you can accuse me of resorting to one liners.

    I am fully in support of looking for answers, that is what this website is all about. But before you look for answers you have to establish the right questions. The basis of any logical argument is its premise, and in that pursuit a false premise, no matter how perfect the logic of the argument, can never lead to a valid conclusion.

    I wish you the best of luck in your search, and when you have anything substantial, provable and verifiable no one would be happier than to applaud you and report on your findings than myself or any of the others here at Ghost Theory. Until then, if you feel you and others who share your pursuits are above question, or should merely be taken as gospel (no pun intended) and never have your beliefs challenged, then you are exhibiting every prejudice you accuse me of.