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The Movie Opens Like This, But…..

April 23, 2014 – 7:21 AM | 427 views

“This is a true story. The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987.”
Many of you recognize that from the opening of the film Fargo. Still more remember it from last weeks …

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Friday Video: California’s Most Haunted

June 26, 2009 – 11:07 AM | 3 Comments | 578 views

California’s Most Haunted was produced by a dear friend of us, Barry Conrad. Barry has been investigating ghosts and the unexplained for well over 2 decades now, and has countless of first hand accounts to …

Sacramento team recounts personal encounters

June 26, 2009 – 10:04 AM | 314 views

Dave Bender – ap-investigations.com

Northern California interview with a local Ghost hunting team.
The team talks about the importance of debunking and sitting down and really listening to people.

Brad Smith entered a Stockton home recently …

Cardiff Royal Infirmary staff tell spooky tales

June 25, 2009 – 5:16 AM | One Comment | 1,594 views

Haunted Cardiff Royal Infirmary

Staff talks about eerie visions of an old lady in grey, as well as soldiers who have long departed. Check the link at the end of the article for a video …

UFO: Humanoids in Argentina?

June 24, 2009 – 9:18 AM | 464 views

Eyewitness drawing of what witnessed in Argentina in the 1940s Credit: Inexplicata

I don’t know what it is about these alien “humanoid” reports that intrigues me to no end, but I love to read up …

House haunted by spirits?

June 24, 2009 – 7:44 AM | 4 Comments | 920 views

Julie Belmont helps haunted homes

“I would wake up at night screaming, open my eyes, and see people standing next to me. It felt like I was hallucinating. I hated being alone in that house. It …

Interview with Jason Offutt, author of ‘Darkness Walks’

June 22, 2009 – 10:43 PM | 44 Comments | 2,490 views

A brief interview with author Jason Offutt pertaining to his book ‘Darkness Walks’

Power of prayer, or did Science save a girl?

June 22, 2009 – 6:15 AM | 8 Comments | 303 views

Mathis and her mother

I’m the type of person that believes that positive energy can manifest good things in someone’s life. Good fortune, peaceful life and even some healing can be obtained through a trained …

Haunted Mansion; Reporter shares his insights

June 20, 2009 – 5:17 AM | 811 views

Kernersville haunted Korner’s Folly Mansion

An interesting post about a supposed haunted mansion in Kernersville, North Carolina.
Local ghost hunters are currently reviewing the evidence of a night’s stay in this widely talked about mansion. They interesting …

Friday Video: Sightings – The Paranormal

June 19, 2009 – 5:57 AM | 8 Comments | 468 views

One of my favorite shows to watch back in the days, Sighthings, was a 30 minute news/report show on the paranormal and the unexplained.
I’m sure most of you remember the show or have heard of …

Haunted Hampshire, Book reveals firsthand accounts

June 19, 2009 – 5:29 AM | 208 views

David Scanlan’s book on haunted Hampshire

Haunting stories all compiled in David Scanlan’s first book about his first hand experiences, as well as other reports.

HAMPSHIRE County Council is one of many organisations said …

Years later, where is the South Shields evidence?

June 18, 2009 – 12:16 PM | 20 Comments | 3,193 views

A GhostTheory reader that goes by “BC” sent me an email a few days ago asking if I have heard of the “South Shields Poltergeist”. At the time the name did not ring a bell. …

Haunted Quaker Schoolhouse

June 18, 2009 – 10:07 AM | 434 views

Todd M. Bates investigates haunted Schoolhouse

Fate Magazine has an article about a possible haunted building/shack that used to be an old Quaker schoolhouse.
Capturing EVPs of a little girl moaning, and some children singing “Joy to …

Darwin Killed Off The Werewolf

June 17, 2009 – 9:09 AM | 922 views

19th century image of a werewolf. (Credit: Copyright Brian Regal)

I love stories of Werewolves. Ever since I was a child and I watched “An American Werewolf in London”, I was instantly drawn to the possibilities …

Group investigates former Mayor’s haunted home

June 17, 2009 – 5:10 AM | 2 Comments | 310 views

Possible hauntings at the Black River Historical Society

Members of the Black River Historical Society claim that the home of the former Mayor, Leonard Moore, is haunted. With reports of unexplained noises and sounds of things …

Spirits ‘moved on’ by ghosthunters in a Wrexham home

June 16, 2009 – 5:28 AM | 9 Comments | 741 views

Haunted Victorian Home in Wrexham

The Paranormal group in North Wales, NorthWales Paranormal, claims to have successfully helped transition ghosts that were haunting a Wrexham home. World War one soldiers, Old lady in the bathroom …

New ‘Sallie house’ documentary

June 15, 2009 – 5:33 AM | 9 Comments | 7,485 views

The Sallie house. Said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl

Well I was always amazed at the initial documentary/investigation that was done of the Sallie home. Where the owners showed on camera …

‘From the Shadows’ & other stories of the “Wee Folk”.

June 14, 2009 – 10:55 AM | 6 Comments | 1,553 views

Argentina’s famous gnome (hoax?)

What ever happened to the “Gnome from Argentina” ? It spread like wildfire through the press, towns were in lockdown-mode as soon as the sun set in fears of the creature. A …

No ghosts at “haunted” library

June 14, 2009 – 7:33 AM | One Comment | 359 views

No ghosts at the Taunton library says NESPI

NESPI investigated the supposed haunted Taunton library in Massachusetts. No tangible evidence was collected, aside from personal experiences.
The results are in and representatives from the New England …

The Othersiders….*Facepalms*

June 12, 2009 – 9:14 AM | 24 Comments | 4,150 views

The Othersiders – CartoonNetwork’s cnREAL

Not only was I not aware that the CartoonNetwork had spun a new reality channel called “cnREAL” which is composed of reality-based shows for kids and teenagers, but it comes …

Haunted Church has staff scared

June 12, 2009 – 4:20 AM | 3 Comments | 798 views

Bishop Auckland Church said to be haunted

Disembodied footsteps, ghost of a woman and voices are heard throughout this 1914 year old church. Although the article talks about a “hazy figure” captured on the CCTV …

Friday Video: In Search of……

June 12, 2009 – 4:05 AM | 5 Comments | 314 views

Friday Video is going a bit old-school this week. Here is a classic “In Search of….” episode focused on ghosts. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy and featuring Hans Holzer.
The theme and tone of the videos alone …

Hotel offers ghosts…or two coats of gloss

June 11, 2009 – 8:09 PM | 4 Comments | 1,026 views

Supposed photo of a ghostly woman at the end of the hallway

Photo taken an hour later of the same spot

I can tell you straight up that what we see in those two photos is not …