• Mass UFO Sighting Across The United States?

    Mass UFO Sighting Across The United States?14

    • January 3, 2014

    Something weird happened on New Year’s eve day. High above the skies of Northern California, strange orange-glowing spheres were spotted traveling across the sky. Then they were spotted as far south as the Hollywood Hills and today we learn that the reports stretch all the way across the United States. Florida residents are describing the

  • New Video Of UFO Squadron Over Oakland39

    • May 29, 2011

    KevinMC is back. Like the last two posts that I did on GT about KevinMC were about his night-time videos of strange UFO lights gliding across the Oakland California skies. I received and email a few days ago from Kevin, where he links his latests YouTube video of what appears to be some incredible video

  • Video: Police Escort UFO Through California Streets34

    • November 4, 2010

    The above video was shot in the streets of Garden Grove, CA. According to the YouTube user ‘IzayneLewis’, this is a video of the CHP escorting some UFO craft through the busy streets of this heavily populated city. From the YouTube description: Must See Footage!!! 10-27-10 Middle Of The Night!!! police Loud Speakers Yelling Get

  • Another UFO Squadron Filmed Over Oakland, CA39

    • June 12, 2010

    I’m sure you guys remember the “UFO squadron over Oakland” video that I posted here a few days ago. It generated quite a controversial storm here on GT. Some said it was a secret U.S. plane. Others believed this to be a flock of Geese flying in formation. Whatever it was, it was sure fast.

  • “Dripping UFO” Not What It Seems5

    • January 4, 2010

    All right people….move it along…nothing to see here…move it along. The Galactic Roundtable posted this YouTube video of a supposed “dripping UFO” shot in California. I hesitated posting this video up today because of its obvious flaws that point to a hoax. Since it’s getting a lot of website attention (and the fact that I’m


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