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A Flying Horse In West Virginia

January 17, 2018 – 11:51 PM | 444 views

In July of 1878 the New York Times wrote an article titled “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” The article talked about a telegram that had come from a small town in Parkersburg, West Virginia …

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Daily Mail ‘UFO Photo’: Not What It Seems

October 11, 2011 – 8:33 AM | 18 Comments | 4,539 views


The Daily Mail has published what they claim is a photograph of a UFO off the Cornish Coast. In the article, the image is said to be of a UFO, or possibly a USO emerging …

Disclosure Petition: Will The White House Release Alien Docs?

October 6, 2011 – 10:28 AM | 20 Comments | 3,451 views

Want Obama to spill the beans about ET?
Simple. Just sign this petition and presto! The White House will release thousands of classified files on UFOs and information of extraterrestrials that live here on earth…if only …

Can Religion and Extraterrestrial Life Coexist?

October 4, 2011 – 5:51 AM | 111 Comments | 7,519 views

As a Christian I follow a guide for life called the Bible. However, there is (or reputed to be) nothing written in the text supporting the existence of life outside Earth.
There was much spirited debate …

1981: Cigar-shaped UFO Spotted Over Los Angeles

September 30, 2011 – 8:37 AM | 3 Comments | 2,406 views

While having dinner with Dr. Barry Taff last weekend we found ourselves on the topic of UFOs. No surprise there, but honestly for the most part, our conversations tend to be less of the paranormal …

Video: Fleet of UFOs In Skies Over Vegas

September 29, 2011 – 5:16 PM | 19 Comments | 2,261 views

Well Nobbles, here’s your chance to cry Wol…I mean Chinese Lanterns. Hold on though! There’s something not quite lanterny about these objects.
Shot over Las Vegas this month, it seems to be a procession …

Video: Residents Say “Fireball” Destroyed Argentinian Town

September 27, 2011 – 7:32 AM | 6 Comments | 2,107 views

La Nacion is reporting that an unknown explosion has leveled a few buildings, killing at least one person, in the town of Monte Grande, Argentina. What is also included in some reports are the testimonies …

Diamond UFO Photographed Near NY Freedom Tower

September 27, 2011 – 5:22 AM | 27 Comments | 6,251 views

I’m sure many will call this a hoax and who would blame them. However, I’d advise that we not jump to conclusions here.
On 17, September, an as yet unnamed Photographer was talking pictures of the …

Video: USO Probe Filmed Running Sailboat Off

September 26, 2011 – 6:01 AM | 12 Comments | 2,226 views

This is a strange one but I wanted to stick to the theme Javier started with the vanishing story.
Reported on September 17, a group of people on a boat off the coast of Sweden …

Vanished: Was the crew of the Kaz II abducted?

September 24, 2011 – 8:33 PM | 17 Comments | 10,020 views

The sea. Man’s nightmares and curiosities lie within its seemingly eternal abyss. Countless tales and explorations revolve around its mystery. None can capture the great vastness that inhabits the world’s oceans. It leaves the curious …

Israeli News Uncovers The “Jerusalem UFO Video” Hoax

September 22, 2011 – 8:00 AM | 63 Comments | 39,657 views

I guess it was only a matter of time before we all learned the truth behind the enigmatic UFO videos that made headlines across the world. And isn’t that always the case? The only way …

The Mysterious “Lead Masks Case”

September 18, 2011 – 9:03 AM | 24 Comments | 38,716 views
Gruesome discovery by a teenager lead to the infamous case

It’s 1966, Jorge da Costa Alves finds himself flying a kite one afternoon in the nearby Vintém Hill, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As the 18 year old Jorge walks around Vintém Hill, he …

CNN – ABC News in Phoenix Reporting UFOs

September 15, 2011 – 5:34 AM | 24 Comments | 10,045 views

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that UFO activity has become more and more intense the past few months. So much so that what was scoffed at in …

Pascagoula Abduction

September 14, 2011 – 3:15 PM | 14 Comments | 3,580 views

Just weeks before the 38th anniversary of his alleged alien abduction, Charles Hickson suffers a fatal heart attack. Taking with him his memories of the Pascagoula Abduction. A night in which he and fellow coworker, …

Triangle UFO over New Mexico – WOW!

September 12, 2011 – 10:32 AM | 16 Comments | 3,710 views

This new sighting comes to us from youtube user UFOKanali who got some excellent video of an apparent triangular craft in the skies over New Mexico.
There is little narration but judging by the September 8 …