Interview with Jason Offutt, author of ‘Darkness Walks’



I had the chance to do a brief email interview with author Jason Offutt on his book ‘Darkness Walks’. The book has reasearch, submitted content and testimonials from people who have had experiences with Shadow People. These encounters range anywhere from mundane to downright scary. Jason does a great job in cataloging the various types of Shadows, their disposition and qualities, along with their descriptions. I have personally read this book and I found it rather fascinating and informative. Jason’s experience started with an encounter he had with a Shadow Person when he was a child, which led him to create his blog site From the Shadows.  He soon realized how many people had encountered these entities and sought answers for him and his readers.

1) Are there different types of shadows? If so, can you give us a brief description/characteristic of them?
The basic characteristics that seem to pertain to all Shadow People are blacker-than night, human-shaped shadows that are either taller or shorter than a normal human. Most of the time features, such as facial features and mode of dress, are not distinguishable.

The different types are Benign Shadows, Negative Shadows, Red-Eyed Shadows, Buzzing Shadows, Angry, Hooded Shadows and The Hat Man. Some of these types overlap, such as a Hat Man having red eyes.

Benign Shadows seem to take no notice of those who observe them and simply seem to be walking from Point A to Point B.

Negative Shadows take notice of you. People encountering this type feel a fear that’s quite beyond just being afraid of the unknown. People who have experienced this entity have felt it’s feeding off that fear.

Red-Eyed Shadows are always menacing and are akin to the Negative Shadows.

Buzzing Shadows: sometimes an electric sound accompanies sightings of Shadow People.

Angry, Hooded Shadows are much like the Red-Eyed Shadows and some do possess red eyes. This entity appears to be wearing a monk’s cowl. The Hat Man also fits into this category, but looks to be wearing a fedora, of all things.

2) Which type of the aforementioned shadows seem the most prevalent?
Most reports are of the Benign Shadows.
3) It is suggested Shadows are watchers. Is there any evidence to this that you have found?
Possibly. The behavior of many of these Shadow entities seems to be that of an observer. But what are they? Dimensional travelers? ETs? The Watchers of the Bible?
4) Is there a general consensus of what shadows are? Spirits? Ghosts? What are your opinions?
There is no general consensus, however many people, especially paranormal researchers, think they are ghosts. Given the appearance and behavior of many Shadow People, there may be a demonic explanation as well.
5) Are these beings good or evil? Do they impart any positive or negative karma onto people?
I have run into no positive stories regarding Shadow People. They often appear to the dying and those close to the dying, they strike terror in people, and sometimes psychologically or physically attack. 
6) Does anyone know where these being come from? Do you have an opinion on this?
It was my goal to find an explanation for what Shadow People are. I found there are many explanations. These beings could come from another dimension, another planet, the spirit world or Hell. Depending on the behavior of the Shadow Person encountered, I’d say any explanation is possible.
7) Is there a history of Shadows throughout the ages?
The earliest first-person account I gathered was from a gentleman from Ohio who encountered these entities as a boy in 1949. However, since these entities exist in all the major religions in the world, I’d say they’ve been around forever.
8 ) Has your research discovered any practical evidence on Shadows? (Photo, video)
Yes, but how much can we trust photographic “evidence?” I’m pretty good at Photoshop.
9) Have you found any links between ghosts, spirits and Shadows?
Absolutely. Ghosts and spirits are some of the most common explanations and, in many encounters, that’s probably what the Shadow Person is.
10) If you have unwanted shadows, is there an easy way to get rid of them?
Prayer, singing, laughter. I’ve gathered many accounts of positive sound driving these things away. I hope I never get the chance to find out.

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