Queen Mary Apparition?


I wanted to cover the latest ghost video to spread across the internet, which is the Queen Mary video from APRA (American Paranormal Research Association) in which the claim is made that this is a ghost in one of the changing stalls near the pool. The pool is supposedly one of the most haunted areas of the old luxury liner and has the ghost of a little girl who frequents it, while the changing stalls (which I believe is the portion of the video) has a negative energy vortex in it.

So the video portrays a video recorder with night-vision on and apparently the operator is fumbling around and catches the ‘ghost’ sitting in the stall, and as the camera pans away, it seems the ghost was starting to stand. The viewpoint is skewed, the camera is shaky, and it’s a fleeting glimpse shot. We have talked about this before here on GT, and to be brought up again as it appears the ‘ghosts’ eyes are reflecting the night-vision IR. So is this a ghost? I can’t help but to kick around the reflecting eyes which is the most telltale part of the video. Can a ghost reflect back IR light? Obviously, a ghost can reflect light, or else it wouldn’t be seen, but would it’s eyes? The idea of the reflecting eyes is a stumbler for me, as it would seem to suggest solidity in the apparition.

It would be just easier to call this a hoax (and most likely it is) since the video appears produced for the beginning portion of it, yet I would be disappointed by it since I visited the APRA website and looked through some of their pictures and found them quite believable. I know, I am countering myself  believing in pictures since I say they are the easiest to manipulate. A few of their evidence videos are rather interesting also.  Here is the video in it’s entirety. Ghost or hoax?