Update: New Info On Hotly Debated Freedom Tower UFO

When Javier posted the article on the new triangle UFO, it was a vital reminder to me. You see, I had recently received an update regarding the Freedom Tower UFO and somehow in my busy life I let it slip my mind. My plan was to post the update two weeks ago, so I apologize for this long overdue article.

In case you missed it, Here is a short review along with some photos:

On 17 September, an as yet unnamed photographer was talking pictures of the Freedom Tower from the roof terrace of the new Museum located on Bowery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It was late afternoon and he was getting free hand shots of the construction. It was a standard shoot and he noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

Later while examining the pictures he noticed the odd diamond shaped object in 4 frames of the set he had done. On closer inspection he noticed markings and windows on what appeared to be some sort of craft.

He then filed a report with MUFON.

Now the update:

Lucky for me, Dr. Stephen Cox the Chief Investigator and Assistant State Director for NY MUFON happened to read my original article. After pointing out that my linked information referenced a different MUFON representative incorrectly, Dr. Cox offered an update on the story.

Quote Dr. Cox:

Scott here is a brief view of the findings, the actual investigation is over 75 pages, but this should help clear things up for some people.

Witness was standing upon the observation deck of the “New Museum“ in Manhattan, NYC. He was photo-documenting the progress of the new tower being constructed at the World Trade Center now known as “Ground Zero.“

The witness is an amateur photographer, and familiar with his equipment. He was panning across the skyline, from left to right, shooting in bursts of 4 frames per press of the shutter button.

He was not visually aware of the unidentified object, henceforth referred to as the “UO” in this report, while he was shooting. He made his report to Mufon a few days later when reviewing the images, and could not explain what he was seeing. NY Mufon then began its investigation.

A closer view showing the relationship of the key buildings and projected line of sight, with the center of the navigation lanes in the Hudson River. As shown, just a few feet beyond the West. St. Building is the Hudson River, which allows almost unrestricted flight.

The one easily accessible fact is from the official website for the Tribeca Towers. This site gives the building dimensions, as follows:

• Height – 545 ft. Floors
• Number of stories – 52

The speed at which the UO was moving can be determined by using the lapsed time between image frames, taken from the EXIF data in the camera, and studying the motion of the UO in each of the image files. The speed ranges from 17 mph to 32 mph depending on the picture viewed, meaning the UO was slowing down and then picking up speed.

Determining the size of the UO by multiplying the pixels by the calibration factor yields the following results:

• Horizontal – 17.6 Ft.
• Vertical – 15.8 ft.

As this result shows, this cannot be a newspaper, or other piece of common debris such as a sheet of foam board insulation, which comes in 4 ft. x 8 ft. common sizes.

So, there you have it. I was of the opinion that it had to be something along the lines of a piece of foam board. While Dr. Cox does seem to rule that out, I have to disagree.

My idea was more regarding commercial art foam board, which is much thinner than insulation but still rigid enough to maintain its shape. Furthermore, this type of foam board comes in various sizes ranging down to standard letter paper dimensions.

Of course, I’m in no way on a par with Dr. Cox, so obviously it’s just my opinion.

I do however hope this helps for those of you that did a great deal of speculation on the original article. Hey, look at it this way, now you have some new info to go on.

A big thanks goes out to Dr. Stephen Cox of course:

Dr. Stephen Cox
Chief Investigator, NY Mufon
Assistant State Director – Western NY
Editor for NY Mufon Newsletter
Rapid Deployment team member for NY Mufon
Author – Military Response to UFO Activities

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