Fleet Of UFOs? Is My Face Straight?

Fleet Of UFOs? Is My Face Straight?

It’s been six days since I first saw this video, claimed to be a “fleet of UFOs”. After viewing said video, I had a hearty laugh and went about my business.

Then, five days ago I see the same video on a site that will remain nameless. Of course, they concur with the previous opinion and expanded the story to invoke more drama.

Moving on to today, you guessed it, I saw it again! In fact, I’ve seen this video every day since my first viewing. Furthermore, in every article written about it, the consensus is that these are UFOs in some sort of amazing formation, doing incredible synchronous aerial maneuvers.

Supposedly this is taking place in Mexico and while it’s gone viral, I’ll refrain from calling any specific website to the carpet. I will however show the video with the translated description from Youtube.

Objects flying sncronizados, at first sight look like birds but are not because they do not flap as it says the skywatcher MIGUEL AGUILA of MEXICO

Now that you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ve come to the same conclusion, BIRDS! It’s FRICKKIN BIRDS!.

What’s driving me to this outburst? To be blunt, I can’t for the life of me understand how so many could be so blatantly wrong about something so clear. Sure, I could deal with one site making crazy claims and even two, but as I described above, six days and multiple sites claiming these are UFOs? Of course certain sites have agendas, however, when something is as obvious as this, it just makes them look uber-foolish!

In fact, many were even saying that it couldn’t possibly be birds because they’re not flapping their wings. Are you kidding me with this trash?

Now, lets say for arguments sake that you the reader are confused and think, “hey, maybe they are UFOs!”. “After all, I don’t see the wings moving either!” OK, I’ll take that challenge and prove to you that the wings do in fact move independent of the bodies.

The following is a series of stills I took that focus on one specific bir…err, UFO:


In this first still (above), you can see the circled “object” with wings spread wide. I apologize in advance for the motion blur, but I think it’s clear enough to show movement.


In this next still, you can see the same subject, yet there’s a clear indication that the left wing has started some sort of motion.


As we continue with the series, it almost looks as though there is, dare I say wing flapping going on here?


Although the still is partly obscured by the numbers, that left wing we’ve been watching is continuing the strange flapping maneuver, almost like a bird!


Finally, we see the “object” returned to the “wide spread” we started with. You may also notice the “objects” seemed to float up and down somewhat, kind of like BIRDS when they are riding thermals/wind currents. You see birds can glide along for excessive periods of time without having to flap like a banshee to keep aloft.

Note: If you’d like to see that series of stills in motion, begin at the 2:40 point in the video.

Everything about this video screams birds and to say otherwise is either stupid or irresponsible. These are the things that make the mainstream laugh at UFO enthusiasts. It’s much like the tidbit I read about seeing Bigfoot or sign of him every time you go into the forest, except in this case it can be applied to UFOs. In fact, when these people use the term “UFO”, what they are really trying to convey is “ET Craft”.

Getting back to the birds, I’m sure some of you are wondering what kind of birds these are. Well, if I were to guess, I’d say there’s a better than 80% chance that they are Snow Geese. Yes, Snow Geese do spend winters in Mexico.


So, is this lesson learned? I doubt it, but at least I can sleep tonight knowing I’ve done my level best to expose hoaxers on the interwebs.

I’d like to thank someone for the content, but why should I?

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