Joan’s Message From Beyond

Joan’s Message From Beyond

So far we have heard from Joan (pseudonym) about what seems to be a haunted object that she unknowingly bought for her second husband which you can read in the story Haunted Trunk

And further poltergeist activity brought on by her father’s experiments with the paranormal when she was 16 in Joan’s Story.

Now another, possibly the creepiest and last story that she has shared with us about her life from when she was 18.

Hi there,
I have felt compelled to tell you about a incident that happened when I was eighteen years old. As a struggling artist I worked security at a huge underground cable co. at night to get by. I would sit a desk with a grand view of the entrance. This building was surrounded by a huge wall and fence on all sides. If anyone approached I would see them coming.

I would pass the time by making oil paintings all night long. In dead silence one evening I heard something…I quickly looked up from my painting and watched something black go from the right side of the huge glass entry windows to the left side and disappear out of view. It looked like a charred, tall, thin, burnt human. The second before this thing was out view it glanced a me.

I was terrified- How did I not notice someone approaching? I panicked as the person was headed for a second entry door located on the left side of the building. Was this a building owner checking up on me? an employee? My imagination? I ran to the monitor’s and scanned the parking lot…..I could not locate anyone. I was super terrified at that moment. As I sat in my chair I froze….It felt as if someone was in the room…I could not breathe.

My desk had a wall directly behind me and a wall just to my right so I was partially blocked into my desk. As I sat there someone or something started “speaking” in my right ear. When I say speaking….I use the term loosely….It was not like our language…I heard sounds but not english…somehow I understood what was being said….It lasted I’d say 20 seconds….I had not taken a breathe the entire time and felt like I could not move- like someone was holding me. When I was free to move- I ran to the door…paused…remembering the tall man that had been outside—-Then I just made a break for it and RAN to my vehicle.

I quit the job that night and NEVER went back.

I thought about what was said in my ear for a few days….then I decided to ask my mother about what I’d heard. The voice, that I felt was an evil spirit, told me I had a dead sister. In fact it claimed it was my sister and wanted me to tell my mother she was ok.

I have 10 siblings~ 2 sisters and 8 brothers. I had never heard about another sister. Ever.
At the risk of sounding loony I told my mother about the encounter. She nearly fell out of her easy chair. It turns out my uncle charlie ( a tall thin man) had died in a fire when he fell asleep on the couch. He awoke and died crawling to the front door. I remember meeting uncle Charlie once…I loved his car– he had duck stickers on it..and I loved animals. He seemed nice- but he never visited us again. My mother also confessed I HAD a sister- but she died at birth………
It was the scariest thing I have ever dealt with…I can pretend it did not happen….but then how did I know about my sister? and was it uncle charlie at the window?

I have a great paying job now and still sell paintings. I have never been arrested or had any other problems. Then again…you’re always the last one to know you’re crazy right? You want to know the weirdest twist of all? My step-mothers sister- who has been in a crazy person institute most of her life (many suicide attempts and claims to be haunted) approached me at a family gathering. She walked up and said don’t listen to the demons! They talked to you in your right ear huh? It was another heart stopping moment.

Lucky guess?

I’m glad the incident is many years behind me- but it’s still a creepy bit of history that bothers me.

I have read this over and over- and I have to tell you it looks and sounds insane- but, I’m not- and it happened- so here it is.
Thank you-

As I said in the first installment, these experiences have taken a toll on Joan’s life. The incident related in this installment from Joan’s job combined with the closet incident in the previous installment have had a particular impact.

My first husband did not believe anything I told him about my strange encounters. The head of our bed was located next to our closet. We were laying in bed late one night chatting- When someone, inside the closet began banging feverishly on the door. My husband and I jumped out of bed and flew for the light. My husband grabbed a heavy flashlight– we both stared at each other in complete disbelief….He bravely opened the door– and found no one, nothing. He searched for an explanation- but we never found one. We were on the top floor of an apartment building- the only thing behind our closet was the outside air.

Which one of us could say for certain how we would react?

My first husband and I actually lived together and dated when I was 18 until we married at age 21- We divorced two years later. My first husband did not believe a word I said about the security incident…he was MAD that I quit that job. We were divorced less than a year after the closet incident….

The incident of the Haunted Trunk involved Joan’s second husband.

I married my current husband in 2008. The trunk incident happened in 2010- and Yes, we are still married. He believes what I say because he too has heard what happens here at night- oh yeah- and he cant deny the trunk incident. He is genuinely scared and does not even want me to speak about any of it.

Joan’s is still wondering if there is an answer to the events that continue to happen around her but she lives in a state of both wanting and fearing those answers.

I feel like whatever is out there is so close….I have to be around another person or animal to feel safe….
I’m half tempted to try the flashlight trick…but too scared that it will work. I bought a Ouija (not sure if that is how it’s spelled) board once…but it felt so evil I never actually removed it from the box….I want to communicate with whatever is bothering me….but…. scared I wont be able to stop the communication once it starts…or maybe I just don’t want to know.
I have had other odd things happen to me…but writing them down just doesnt….well..get the point or fear across. Its such an intense fear..a fear that freezes my entire person.

– I know this all sounds bat shit crazy- that is why I only talk with my husband about it- Im sure I’d be placed on meds and shoved in an institute if anyone heard me talk like this.

Not being a follower of “Ghost Hunters” I had to look up the appropriately named “Flashlight Trick” and found it is just that, a trick. See for yourself:

I can say my wife is a believer, believes she is in contact with a spirit world and I am a devout skeptic. It makes for some interesting conversations but mostly we agree to disagree. Though we have never had the shared experiences that Joan has had with her husbands.

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