Brazilian UFO Mystery Solved

Brazilian UFO Mystery Solved

For those interested in what transpired over Sao Paulo during a recent protest, the verdict is in! Drone!

After our post on the subject appeared thursday, the debate over drones VS UFO/ET broke out in the comments section, promoting speculation that this subject can still put asses in the seats.

Yes, believe it or not it was the Folha de S.Paulo TV News who sent the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) along with attached video camera to record the goings on of the rally below.

Unfortunately, the original video was taken down, likely due to the potentially sensitive nature of what the drone recorded. However, we do have a new video showing the Sao Paulo activities from the perspective of the drone.

Get it while it’s hot, as I can’t guarantee how long it will be up!

As we often mention here at GT, Occam’s Razor is the best way to approach these things. Once again, that line of thinking is proven correct.

Drone technology is becoming so advanced that it is now regularly blurring the line between UFOs and terrestrial craft. It seems that the technology is advancing at such a pace that we already have drones so small, they can spy on you from outside your window and you wouldn’t even know it. One example that comes to mind is made by AeroVironment for DARPA, the ‘Nano Hummingbird’ is an amazing advancement in military surveillance technology.

Not to make you keep checking over your shoulder like Ray Liotta, but there is even more amazing UAV technology being developed in sizes as small as bumble bees. This can be good, then again, it can bring out the paranoia in most anyone with a window flowerbox.


In fact, Americans are up in arms over the recent passing of a bill by Congress that allows the government to fly UAVs over your neighborhood with impunity (Read more about that in the Associated Content below).


Is this another sign that the world is moving toward a more controlled…dare I say, New World Order state of existence? Will we eventually discover that we were part of the Matrix all along?

While the UFO/Brazillian protest flap turned out to be just a media driven story, it has brought the drone debate back to the forefront. When is it time to take back your privacy?

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