Thousands Witness UFO During Protest

Thousands Witness UFO During Protest


While Brazilians came out in force to protest the costs associated with the 2014 hosting of soccer’s World Cup, there was something strange happening in the skies over Sao Paulo.

NOTE: The video which we previously had up was forced down by the owner. I apologize to those who came too late to see it.

The focus of thousands of protesters changed for a short time during a nationwide rally against government spending and rising costs of transportation when a bright light began buzzing the crowd.

Several people stopped to gaze upwards as the UFO zigged and zagged for at least two full minutes over the crowded streets below.

Some are saying it’s a drone sent to monitor activities of the 65,000 Sao Paulo protesters. If that’s the case, it makes you wonder if such a drone would be armed and ready to attack should a riot break out.

Others are claiming it’s some sort of ET craft that is inquisitively watching with as many as 200,000 participating all over Brazil in a show of unity.

As you can see by this close up still (below), there’s not much to decipher as it still appears to be a simple ball of light.


Whatever it was, it certainly livened up the march and I’m sure many in the city of Sao Paulo are discussing it at length over water coolers as we speak. Of course they may be more interested in discussing the rubber bullets and tear gas that police are accused of using without provocation, but that’s not a story for GT.

So, what was this strange luminous object? Man made drone? Alien spacecraft? What do you think?

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