UFO Over Pool Caught On CCTV

UFO Over Pool Caught On CCTV

When Naples, FL Condo security officer Debralee Thomas took her post Last Monday night, she had no idea that it would change her life.

What Debralee witnessed can only be described as weird wild stuff! Apparently a saucer shaped UFO decided to check out the Condo building pool where she worked and it was all recorded on CCTV.

Debralee says she was monitoring the CCTV feed when suddenly a strange object came into view. Look on as a report is filed by the local NBC affiliate WBBH:

Quote the story from WBBH NBC-2:

Monday night, security officer Debralee Thomas was watching the camera feed from behind a Gulfshore Boulevard condo building just across the street from Venetian Village, when she noticed strange lights swoop in over the pool.

“I realized that it was something that wasn’t normal, so I was like ‘oh my, what is that,'” Thoma said.

At first glance, what she saw almost looked like a saucer-shaped object up top. Then the object went down into the pool and expanded like a web — moving back and forth.

After nearly thirty minutes, the object started to disappear.

Thomas said bugs fly up to their cameras all the time, but this was further away.

“It was down on the ground but some of that webbing was longer and it made a funnel down into the pool. Whatever it was doing in the pool, I don’t know,” Thomas said.

The video was sent to MUFON, a UFO organization in Ohio. Officials at MUFON say it is one of the most fascinating videos they have seen in a while.

They are analyzing it, but they don’t think it is a hoax. That’s what Thomas’ coworkers thought at first, until they saw the video their selves.

“We watched it on tape and to be honest I was so grateful that it was there so I could say it was real…it really happened,” Thomas said.

On Wednesday, residents were walking in and out of the office complex to check out the must-see video.

“I have no idea. I’ve never seen anything like this. The electrical charges coming from it, it’s truly unbelievable,” said resident Curtis Kate.

For more on this head over to NBC-2


So, what could this be? Most events reported to MUFON end up being nothing, but when they actually take an interest, it give a level of legitimacy to a story.

Of course, I have to admit, I can’t really make out much, even in the stills. What I will say though, is something very odd happened in that Naples Condo Complex Monday night. I’ll be monitoring MUFON for the outcome.

By all means, chime in if you have an opinion on this story.

Thanks to WBBH NBC-2 for providing content.

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