The End Of Rick Dyer?

The End Of Rick Dyer?

What can you say about Rick Dyer’s latest attempts to prove he has a bigfoot body? He tried to enter the bigfoot world with a bang, but seems to be dieing out with a whimper amid rumors of putting the Biggie van and trailer up for auction. His promised News conference failed utterly to happen. And despite claims made…

“I have the whole body. I have scientific evidence. I have DNA sequencing. … I have everything you want,”

I have heard of on one ever seeing any of this evidence. Most experts have been understandably disinterested in getting involved.

Seriously? You have a bigfoot body on display, and you don’t show its feet?

Will this be the end of Rick Dyer and his claims? No bet here. I fully expect to see another claim come along in a few years.

Henry David Thoreaux wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Dyer seems to put his out there for everyone to see.


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Henry Paterson