Sometimes they descend

Sometimes they descend

You’re probably reading this on a comfy couch, or chair. Maybe you’re reading this on the subway, or in a coffee shop. However you read this, you’re more than likely in a comfortable state, relaxed and ready to read something paranormal. Even me, as I write this I sit here staring at a screen, taking a sip of water, relatively relaxed. Yet there’s this feeling of something out of place. Something that’s off…something unnerving. Like a pair of eyes from phantom beings above, boring through the top of your head. And sometimes they descend.

 “I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north—an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal,  and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures. In appearance their form was human,  but each of them had four faces and four wings.  Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze.  Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. All four of them had faces and wings,  and the wings of one touched the wings of another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved.
 Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a human being, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle.  Such were their faces. They each had two wings spreading out upward, each wing touching that of the creature on either side; and each had two other wings covering its body.”  – Ezekiel’s vision

This is what Ezekiel witnessed on the banks of the Kebar River in ancient Babylon on that fateful day. Heavenly beings, descending from a firestorm within the clouds. Coming down, ignoring Ezekiel as if he wasn’t there at all and glided past him. The entities all were described as having features that were relevant or common in ancient times. Humans, wings, bronze, hooves, legs, hands, lions, oxen, eagles… these were all things that a person living in ancient Babylon would immediately know and be able to identify. Common objects, common sights.

Without getting into the semantics of what these visions were or represented, let’s just move past that and conclude that the man claimed to have witnessed these strange entities. The term “Angel” used to described them came from Ezekiel himself, however it was only after his encounter that he referred to them as cherubim or angels. After exhausting any possible explanation that would satisfy him, he figured that they were manifestation from his god.

When the entities descended, they took on the shapes or forms of things that would be identifiable to a person from that era. Ezekiel himself was known to have all sorts of visions throughout his life. From the cherubim-like creatures to fractal-like visions of wheels within wheels, the man saw it all. Almost as if in a constant state of pyschedelic euphoria. But the man’s recreational activities are not on trial here… What I’m looking at is the overall encounters with the physical wheels, or multi-faced winged beings.

Peruvian officials encounter entity

On August 19th, 2018 there was a strange encounter on a military base in Lima, Peru. Three videos were made public by the military personnel of a supposed encounter with a strange entity that descends and tries to interact with two military officials. According to the investigator, Jois Mantilla, the military base had no qualms in releasing a series of videos taken from several vantage points that show something coming down, approaching the walking officers, and then appears to “fly” away.

Mantilla reported that when he asked, the officials that had the encounter with the entity described it as having features that appeared angelic, almost looking like a little girl. They reported that it tried to get close and touch them but as they pulled away, it quickly rose a few meters above and flew off before morphing into a bright orb.

The video shows something strange, that’s for sure. The object in question does not show the randomness one would expect from a balloon, rather it shows something coming down, avoiding telephone wires and landing ground level. It approaches two walking persons before levitating and flying the other way. I say flying because from looking at the footage, there’s a wing flap in there somewhere. Like I said, strange.

Take a look at the video and pay close attention to the different angle shots.

This is not a post to make an attempt at debunking or proving the video above. Instead, I’m going to focus on the similarity between the claimed sightings.

The men claimed to have seen a light descend from above. It was not human in any sense of the word, but it grew a human-like face. It wasn’t there for them, just like the “cherubim” were not there for Ezekiel. It just so happened that both the military officials and Ezekiel happen to cross paths with something from above.

Strange, otherworldly beings…wheels within wheels…

Doctor and daughter witness strange entity

December 26th, 2018. Dr. Jaime Lune Becerra and his daughter witnessed a strange glowing object float down and behave in a manner similar to that of the alien from the movie The Predator. What he initially believed to be a bunch of balloons with christmas lights attached turned out to be something terrifying and unlike they both had ever seen.

“It was an orb or sphere that came down…I was staring at it for a few minutes when I noticed this thing had these extensions that came out of it, almost like appendages. What I thought were lights weren’t. It was some type of glowing fabric…it morphed into a human form, however when it did it was camouflaged like the monster in the movie The Predator.” – Dr. Jaime Lune Becerra

The video will show the doctor along with his daughter standing in disbelief as the light being glides past, the daughter’s reaction is telling as they both witness the being morph into a humanoid shape and turn semi-translucent.

Again, not trying to debunk or prove anything, just making a comparison on the sightings. In this case, we can see the object changing or morphing the way computer generated fractal images behave.

CCTV captures strange UAP

On February 23rd, 2022 in Mexico there was another strange entity captured on video descending from above and interacting with four dogs. Again, the entity is self-illuminating and appears under intelligent control. Nothing like the randomness of a low floating balloon, but rather in a manner that seems indicative of it searching or scanning for something. The canine witnesses definitely see it and react hostile towards it. Like in the previous video, this one also is recorded from several vantage points.

Watch the entire clip. At almost forty minutes long, the investigator does a wonderful job at analyzing the footage. We can observe the intelligence behind the gliding entity as it appears to change size (morphing fractals?) and light up in an Iridescence manner.

Going back to Peru, another puzzling video emerges. This time from several employees from a gas station that were witnesses to a strange jellyfish-like entity that descended onto the station. When interviewed, many of the employees described it as a biological entity that appeared bioluminescent. The footage shows the entity come down and glide around the gas station. It does a good job at keeping a distance and when the curious employees approach it, the entity ascends as if to get away.

Gas station camera captures anomalous entity

The incredible part of this event is that we then get to see the cellphone video as one of the employee chases after it and films it. We can see that there’s definitely something physical there and it’s moving.

The employee stated that the entity went from gliding to walking on two appendages that resembled legs. It walked with a gait resembling a human and across the busy highway when it suddenly got hit by a passing semi. The witnesses all claimed to have seen it get struck and tossed to the side. It then, according to the employees, rose up and returned to the initial spot where it had been hit.

Watch the video in its entirety with subtitles to get the full picture.

A case in which another witness was of the canine species comes from a mysterious source. The video has been around for a few years and shows a strange object coming down, hovering above a street before appearing to canvas the area. As the object glides up the street, we see a barking dog come into frame. The dog apparently spotted the object from a distance and come to investigate. Looking at it move, I doubt this is a balloon like many claim. The movements are too smooth and it moves with an obvious trajectory. Unlike the aimless floating around that you would expect a helium balloon to have.

You can describe this thing as some form of flying sentry, or drone. If you’re thinking that I’m sounding a bit too crazy, check out this story from an Indian academic source. On September 27th, 2004 a group of scientist composed of three Space Application Centre (SAC) scientist and two geologists all witnessed a robot-like thing descend near their basecamp. All members of the expedition claimed to have witnessed the entity use its legs to walk around as if searching or scanning the area.

Indian scientific expedition records robot-like entity

Robot-like UAP at Samudra Tapu

“They were studying the Chandra basin glacier using satellite data. Around 6.45 a.m., as the scientists were preparing to leave their tents, one of the porters spotted a white object on top of an adjacent mountain ridge, and screamed: “Sir, the snow man is coming.”
Anil Kulkarni, a senior ISRO scientist who has been mapping glaciers for a quarter century, and his team members saw what appeared to be a robot floating a few inches above the ground, approaching the camp along the mountain slope. Kulkarni and his co-researcher, geologist Sunil Dhar, pulled out their digital cameras and began shooting the object even as the team raced towards the mountain to investigate.
The oblong object, between 3 and 4 ft high, kept moving down the slope towards the team. It had a cylindrical head with two balloon-type attachments, a body, hands and two legs. It seemed to be walking, planting and pacing its steps like a human being, recalls Dhar.”IndiaToday

This is one of those rare reports that we run into every once in a blue moon. A group of scientist working a remote expedition observe something supernatural or otherworldly. It was the size of toddler and had anthropomorphic features like a head, torso, hands, and legs. It used the appendage-like legs to “walk” across the surface. Very much like the video of the jellyfish-like type creature the gas station employees in Peru had filmed.

This particular sighting holds a bit more merit when it comes to trained observation. Who else but a scientist could better fit the role of a witness? However It appears like the Americas have most of the sightings when it comes to these robotic/biological entities. Another group of trained observers that have also witnessed these strange gliding entities is the United States Department of Homeland Security.

When the Pentagon acknowledged the UAP phenomena in 2017 with the Nimitz UFO case, the conversation quickly focused on the Air Force, Navy and those others involved with the ‘Tic Tac’ shaped unidentified flying object. But at the same time there were some supposed UAP leaks from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol force. One in particular looks to have been recorded on February 3rd, 2020 and shows what appears to be a heat emitting object floating through desert terrain. The shape is humanoid, or at least anthropomorphic. In fact, the shape is similar to that of the “sentry looking drone” we saw scanning the sleepy streets of some unknown city.

Take a look at this supposed leak clip. You can dismiss this and say that it’s someone on a jetpack, or some new technology that the Border Patrol is testing. Like say, a drone or an actual jetpack. However the current drones used by the Border Patrol neither look or fly remotely like what we are about to see. In fact, the notion that it could be new-tech like a jetpack to fight smugglers makes no sense at all from a security and safety perspective. You become a flying target and give yourself away from a distance.

If you made it this far down the article, then you know that we’re not here to debate whether this is real or not, just look at the object in question. Now let’s look at this report from TheDrive in which the Tucson, Arizona Police Department ran into a “highly modified drone”.

DHS Border Patrol film strange object

One February 9th, 2021, almost one year after the supposed leaked video, a report came out about a “drone” that managed to outrun helicopters from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Tucson Police. The drone infiltrated restricted airspace and ascended to an altitude of 14,000 feet.

“FBI agents involved with the case said that the drone was reported to be “highly modified,” made “erratic maneuvers,” and even strayed into military airspace while reaching an altitude of 14,000 feet and maintaining speeds in excess of 100 mph into a headwind. In an interview on KOLD, an FBI agent familiar with the case reported that the FBI isn’t sure if the drone was a quadcopter or hexcopter configuration. ”

A retired Department of Homeland Security Agent was interviewed by the website TheDebrief about the strange goings-on in the Arizona desert.

“We have guys out there 24/7 with their eyes to the sky looking for smuggling, but they see other stuff,” said Thompson. “I talked to dozens and dozens of agents that all had similar stories of seeing bizarre stuff, of having encounters with UAP.”

The authorities keep using the term “highly modified drone”. Not modified drone, but highly modified drone. I’m not an expert in language but the need to add the highly part appears to be a desperate need to explained the unsettling reality of what they have just witnessed and recorded. To them, it was apparent that it wasn’t a regular drone or what they perceive as a modified drone. The object’s capabilities and limitation seemed to advanced for anything that they have seen. To them, this thing had HIGH capabilities and HIGH limitations. For example, a drone outrunning several helicopters is one thing, but flying into restricted airspace and then climbing up to 14,000 feet? While flying in erratic behavior?

The FAA only permits an altitude of 400 feet for small drones. And the only drones that could fly that high would have to be military and those things do not fly in “erratic maneuvers” as the officials stated. In fact, their description of this so-called drone sounds more like the infamous tic-tac UFO from the Nimitz encounter.

Here’s another DHS Border Patrol video that shows another anomalous object seemingly glide unabated across a desert landscape. This one is referred to as the “DHS Rubber duck” video for the object’s apparent shape resembling a Rubber duck.

The southwestern part of the United States is said to be flooded with UAP reports from all types of agencies. Reports from the DHS, Customs and Border Patrol top the list. But it’s just not always the big guys reporting this. A small Mexican security company released a fascinating video of an object that seems to materialize out of thin air and morph into what someone claimed to be a humanoid shape. What’s interesting is that in the video we see a person walk up to the object at a certain point and stands almost paralyzed, watching this thing float in front of him before ascending away.

More strange morphing objects

The image quality is atrocious however we can hear the reactions of those watching the video. They mention that it materializes into view, morphs, then appears to begin walking down the street. There’s a car that comes across this object, to which we hear the driver honk their horn in a prolonged manner. The object then levitates and moves across the street, finally setting down to when the walking person comes into frame.

The person stands motionless on a crosswalk, looking at the object hover just inches above the street. As if almost entranced, the man in the video remains still as the object then moves to the other side of the street and floats away.

It’s apparent that whatever we see in this grainy video is not a balloon. If it were, it would not have demanded the amount of attention the witness in the video displayed. Nor would it morph into a humanoid shape with what appeared to have a head, according to the person watching the video. Again, whether this is real or not is not the point. There are things being reported that are coming down from the sky and behaving in strange manners. Morphing into humanoid shapes or into balls of light. These things are said to grow legs and walk at times, or appear solid and quietly glide about as if on a recon mission.

This video is supposedly from Turkey. There is little to no information on the web about it but it does show what appears to be the same types of “sentry” type of object like we saw in that video floating through some sleepy streets before encountering a barking dog.

There are a lot more videos like these being uploaded onto the internet at an alarming rate. What are these things? Are they related to the UAP/Navy and Customs and Border Patrol reports? Are they biological or mechanical? Why do some people report seeing them morph into robots and others report seeing them morph into an anthropomorphic form or that of a creature known to man like the jellyfish?

Tales from the Southwestern desert

And here’s where I deviate a little from the course of this article. I’m in my early to mid 40s and when I was a teenager my parents claimed to have had an encounter with a strange creature in the Californian High Desert. I remember it clearly…I had been having trouble sleeping for a few days during some muggy summer nights. I began to sleep with my window open to let in some cool breeze but our dogs kept barking and making noise. I was dead tired so I poked my head out the window and yelled at them to be quiet. I noticed that all three of our dogs were in a frightened and alerted state. They were staring directly across the road from us, into a dark empty field. My dogs were acting strange though. One of them kept lunging forward, snarling at something in the dark. I couldn’t see anything but they were definitely on edge. I figured there were coyotes or other dogs nearby and I was too tired to care, so I went back to bed.

A few hours later, around 4:00 AM I woke up to the sound of my dad’s car pulling out the driveway on his way to work. I heard the engine come around the house and then stop and sit idling. He had positioned the car in a parallel manner, facing the empty field and cut on his high beams. I was confused at why he would do this and sat up on my bed when all of a sudden my mother came running into my room. She was saying something about an ‘alien standing outside’.

What she told us was that her and my father were asleep and were woken up by the barking dogs. My dad grabbed his flashlight and pointed it out the window and across the road. That’s when they both saw this ghost-like figure that had a ‘light necklace’ around its neck. The shape, my mother described, was like that of sheeted ghost. However they both claimed that when my dad illuminated it with the flashlight, the creature began to ascend. They said that it “flew up, flying like a jellyfish…” Meaning that as it rose, it was undulating the way a jellyfish would in water. They swore to us that what they saw was real and unlike anything they have ever seen before. I cannot attest to any of this, but the look in their eyes and their identical description of the thing was uncanny.

Getting back on course, we have seen videos of these entities taking all sorts of shapes and forms and display intelligent flight paths, nothing like the randomness of a untethered balloon would have. I conclude this article with the infamous video that started it all.

The very first post on this website was back in January 26th, 2008. It is titled “Flying Humanoids of Mexico” and it contains the first video that was uploaded online that depicts one of these strange entities. The “Mexican Bruja” video as it came to be known, was initially translated by GhostTheory and made public with the help of the famous Mexican researcher Ana Luisa Cid. Due to the early success of my article, I did a follow up article which included an interview with Cid: Flying entities of Mexico: A closer look

It’s one of my favorite cases regarding this phenomena. Not just because it was the first video to be uploaded to the web which showed such object, but because of the encounter that the local police had with this strange thing. It all begins with the story of Officer Samaniego and his horrifying account as to what transpired when he was out on patrol and crossed paths with a hostile entity.

“Officer Leonardo Samaniego of Guadalupe reported being physically attacked by one of these beings. Officer Samaniego (visibly shaking in the video right after the encounter) claims that while on patrol in his vehicle, the entity fell from a tree and onto the hood of the vehicle. The officer describes the entity as having female traits. He also describes as it having large eyes and dark skin. Wearing what appeared to be a cloak. He then claims that the entity placed it’s hand on the windshield and after that point he passed out. He only remembers waking up in his patrol car. Shirt and vest disheveled. He called in for backup and medical assistance. Camera crews were there to capture the aftermath.”Flying entities of Mexico, GhostTheory

Watch this fascinating video and the interview with the police officers that were attacked by a terrifying, winged hag. For more details in the case that the media did not report, read my interview with Ana Luis Cid, it is fascinating.

From scientists to armchair researchers, from home security cameras to multimillion dollar FLIR cameras, these things are being recorded around the globe and there is little to no explanation as to what they are. It looks like when there is some type of contact, the objects appear to morph or transform in real-time into something that we as humans might recognize nowadays. Witches, robots, light orbs, drones, marine creatures, humans.

Look at the incident at the military base in Peru. The officials both claimed that the being had an “angelic face, like that of a little girl.” Or how the Indian scientist all saw an orb of light that turned into a humanoid robot. When they photographed it, it was only visible as a strange light spectre. So we take the witnesses word for what it is.

Just like the visions of Ezekiel, these modern day humans are all reporting seeing amorphous beings all taking part of what seems to be a reconnaissance mission. Reconnaissance for what exactly? who knows. However that feeling of being watched by the phantoms above your has probably returned by now as you’ve reach the end of this article.

Look around you. Look up. Because sometimes they descend.

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