• Russian Dash Cam Craze

    Russian Dash Cam Craze2

    • February 19, 2013

    With the recent Meteor strike in Russia, a certain fact has come to my attention: Russian cars are equipped with dashboard mounted cameras! Almost ALL of them. Not just Police or emergency vehicles, but the average Ivan driving down the highway has a dashboard mounted camera in his Izmash. From what I have heard this

  • Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching

    Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching0

    • February 15, 2013

    Greg Newkirk and his team at Who Forted could hardly have planned a better time to release for free viewing their own experience in hunting for Bigfoot in the hills of New York State. Here is the trailer “I think we’re going to find him, and I think we’re going to be the first ones

  • Strange Lights Filmed Over Chile

    Strange Lights Filmed Over Chile0

    • February 6, 2013

    The following video shows an impressive display of lights dancing over a city in Chile. What’s more, the video offers a reference or comparison point when the person filming these lights manages to stand behind a giant building crane. We can then only appreciate the rough distance and size of the lights in the night

  • Fleet Of UFOs? Is My Face Straight?

    Fleet Of UFOs? Is My Face Straight?4

    • February 6, 2013

    It’s been six days since I first saw this video, claimed to be a “fleet of UFOs”. After viewing said video, I had a hearty laugh and went about my business. Then, five days ago I see the same video on a site that will remain nameless. Of course, they concur with the previous opinion

  • Planet Weird

    Planet Weird4

    • January 27, 2013

    What happens when you take your hobby and turn it into a near obsession with seeking out the bizarre and unexplained? Oh… I mean outside of Ghost Theory. What you get is Greg Newkirk’s Who Forted Yeah, we cover some of the same stuff, trade articles back and forth in the internet/couch potato version of

  • UFO Cold War

    UFO Cold War6

    • January 25, 2013

    A recent news item in the E U Times claims that Russian Prime Minister Medvedev will suggest/threaten that if President Obama does not reveal the truth about UFOs and Alien visitation, then he, Medvedev, will. What I wonder about this is why? Is Russia subject to any restrictions placed upon it by the US, or

  • Security Camera Captures ‘Landed Disc’ UFO

    Security Camera Captures ‘Landed Disc’ UFO14

    • January 5, 2013

    Cotulla, Texas. A security camera from an oil company is said to have captured a “disk-like” UFO, hovering inches from the ground. I picked up Roger Marsh’s report on this and ended up at MUFON’s website. The report submitted to MUFON’s online incident database contained a brief introduction and a still from a digital recording.

  • UFO Filmed From Airplane Window

    UFO Filmed From Airplane Window7

    • December 27, 2012

    According to the YouTube account of Mauricio Ruiz, the following footage was shot from the window of a SouthWest Airlines flight from La Guardia airport to Houston, Texas. Ruiz goes on to say that he has submitted the video to FAA officials and is waiting further review from them. The video shows an object outside

  • UFO History: The Lakenheath Pursuit

    UFO History: The Lakenheath Pursuit1

    • December 12, 2012

    Supposed visual and radar contact with a UFO from two F-15 pilots over Lakenheath, England. This report goes back to 2007. Published on Dec 11, 2012 Transcript Of Transmissions- Aircraft 1 Pilot …alright dude no kidding. I just flew over I have a bulls-eye at zero zero eight for twenty -BREAK- I had a radar

  • Texas UFO Crashes Near Okinawa

    Texas UFO Crashes Near Okinawa17

    • December 8, 2012

    Reports are heating up modems across the internet of a UFO crashed into the East China Sea off the coast of Japan’s southernmost island, Okinawa. A spokesman for the Imperial Navy had this to say to accompany a photo of the object. “We wanted to release this photo to the world and confirm the reports

  • A Rash Of UFO Sightings

    A Rash Of UFO Sightings4

    • November 15, 2012

    I have posted them, Scott has posted them and there are several we have both passed on simply because they are not up to the standard that you, the dedicated and discerning GT reader has come to expect. And call fake. Well so far three of the recent stories have been pretty clearly demonstrated to

  • Video: Denver Footage Going Viral

    Video: Denver Footage Going Viral6

    • November 13, 2012

    Well GTers, it looks as though this is the day of the UFO. As much as I wanted to bring you something interesting from other sources, UFO’s seem to be the hot topic of discussion. Especially with the following story out of Denver. This is a video I’ve seen yesterday, but I allowed it to


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