Thousands Witness UFO During Protest

Posted by Scott McMan | June 20, 2013 34


While Brazilians came out in force to protest the costs associated with the 2014 hosting of soccer’s World Cup, there was something strange happening in the skies over Sao Paulo.

NOTE: The video which we previously had up was forced down by the owner. I apologize to those who came too late to see it.

The focus of thousands of protesters changed for a short time during a nationwide rally against government spending and rising costs of transportation when a bright light began buzzing the crowd.

Several people stopped to gaze upwards as the UFO zigged and zagged for at least two full minutes over the crowded streets below.

Some are saying it’s a drone sent to monitor activities of the 65,000 Sao Paulo protesters. If that’s the case, it makes you wonder if such a drone would be armed and ready to attack should a riot break out.

Others are claiming it’s some sort of ET craft that is inquisitively watching with as many as 200,000 participating all over Brazil in a show of unity.

As you can see by this close up still (below), there’s not much to decipher as it still appears to be a simple ball of light.


Whatever it was, it certainly livened up the march and I’m sure many in the city of Sao Paulo are discussing it at length over water coolers as we speak. Of course they may be more interested in discussing the rubber bullets and tear gas that police are accused of using without provocation, but that’s not a story for GT.

So, what was this strange luminous object? Man made drone? Alien spacecraft? What do you think?

Content provided by UniversExplorersTV. Data provided by the BBC.

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34 Responses

  • Dave (not the barbarian)

    Big balloon? I’m not seeing it do much, and it’s hard to tell if it was just moving with the air current or “zigged and zagged” with such shakey camera work.

    Possibly one of these:

  • Dave (not the barbarian)

    I am aware of that. I am also aware they have begun to plan for them to make other launches across the 40th parallel. But I wasn’t trying to imply they were the actual Google ones, more that there is technology out there now that can guide balloons on air currents. It could have been a rogue from a shipment heading to Argentina, another company competing to get similar equipment in the air before Google, or maybe someone playing with a home made one. The video looks like a balloon travelling on air currents, so I wanted to see if there was anything like that out there. Turns out there is. :)

  • It’s not demonstrating any non – ballistic motion, one of the hall marks of the classic UFO. There is nothing here to indicate anything other than a possible remote control plane, possibly with a camera mounted on it for capturing video.

  • jack

    There is no sound, of it were a plane using jet propulsion you would hear it from 2 miles away. Plus planes cant move backwards in mid air nor do they present as an entire ball of light.

  • A light, however, especially at dusk will manifest as a ball of light. There is no reason to assume jet propulsion, and at no time does this light move in such a way to suggest anything other than basic aerodynamic maneuvering. Certainly nothing to suggest reversing direction to fly backwards.

  • Johnson

    They’re like our elder brothers – thousands of years more evolved than us. Benjamin Creme has written a lot about them…

    Q. If Space Brothers live on the etheric plane how do they manifest on the physical plane so that we can see them?

    A. It is a temporary thing. When a Space Person comes to Earth and wants to be seen he has to lower the vibration of his etheric body to come within our range of sight. The same applies to the spacecraft. These vehicles are made of etheric physical matter and if you do not have etheric vision they are invisible. But they are seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world when the occupants lower the rate of vibration of the vehicle.
    –Excerpted from: UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission — Questions & Answers with Benjamin Creme — Part 1

  • hotandbothered

    Catch yourself on mister, your head is full of sweetie mice.

  • Scott_McMan

    LOLOL! What are sweetie mice? LOL!

  • hotandbothered

    It’s a Belfast expression, implying mental retardation.

  • adam

    Its not a drone. They use jet propulsion and are physically unable to move on such a way. Plus they DONT EMIT a ball of light.
    Its almost like the new stupid thing to say along with old classics venus, swamp gas and weather balloons.

  • Scott_McMan

    Adam, you’re thinking strictly in the sense of the larger jet drones. There are several types ranging in size from hand held up to a fighter jet. Propulsion can be turbine, old fashioned plane prop or helicopter.

  • adam

    All of which present as a ball of light? The same ball of light which are reported throughout the past 60 years well before drones were created?

  • Scott_McMan

    So, you are convinced that it’s an ET craft? What makes you so sure of that?

    By the way, you’d be surprised at how bright an object can appear to be, even if it did come from a hanger.

  • 3xStrange

    The same object was recorded in 3 different states about the same time, the brighter on in a town between Rio and Sao Paulo, with a strong “boom” also witness by locals. So easy answer, Small Meteorite! The drones only are clear to flight over the stadiums during games (Rio and Brasilia) as a test to the world cup and Olympic Games

  • Did you watch the video? This light is certainly not a meteor.
    And restrictions on drones do not necessarily apply to, or are observed by individuals with remote control planes or other aircraft. It is simple to mount video no any rc plane anymore.

  • 3xStrange

    I have relates from people that were there in 2 states, and you can include local newspapers. Drones there are different from the ones in the US, they are from Israel, Elbit. And believe by the way things are going there Nobody was/will be playing with control planes. And only will get worse (or better) today. Believe me it was a meteorite/space trash.

  • So you believe a meteor was doing figure 8’s in the sky?

  • 3xStrange

    Sir, there was no figure 8, it was a straight line, till it disappear, according with 5 withness I check, 2 in SP and 3 in Rio, another in South Brazil didn’t notice or heard nothing about it.

  • Adam Goldsack

    It alarms me, you see with your own eyes a ball of light moving in the sky andcome to very childish conclusions.
    Weather balloon syndrome I think is the psychologicalterm.

  • Scott_McMan

    Did you watch the video? It’s not a meteor. By the way, it wouldn’t be considered a meteorite unless it impacted the earth and survived.

  • You have clearly not watched the video above in which the light does move overhead of the person taking the video, then performs a slow 180 degree turn, hovers, then accelerates away from the camera getting dimmer, turns again and moves back toward the camera.

    Until you actually watch the video you can really not have anything to say about it.

  • The Oshmar

    I couldn’t watch the video, some sort of copyright crud.

    There have been a lot of helicopters flying around filming the protestors and there is a heap of video from airborne vehicles popping up all over news sights. To me this seems like the most reasonable answer.
    People are monitoring the protests, this is just common sense.

  • Adam Goldsack

    There is no common sense approach in this case. Thats the point. It cannot be classed as a drone, plane, alien craft, or mary poppins. It is a UFO as in there is no logical explanation clear, so why try to make a poor one?

  • Why is there no common sense approach?
    *The object does not travel at any speed that indicates it is anything other than an aircraft of human design.
    *The object does not perform any maneuvers that indicate it is anything other than an aircraft of human design.
    *There are a variety of aircraft, piloted or remotely controlled it could be.
    *There is a significant news event happening on the street.

    *There are a variety of cameras easily mounted on even a relatively small remote controlled plane.

    *There are a large number of press sources that might want photographs or video of this event, any of which is more than capable of funding an RC or piloted aircraft with a remote camera.
    *To fly an rc plane at night you would need a light on it so you could see your plane. All piloted aircraft have lights.

    *The object is seen to maneuver in order to stay in sight of the event on the street.

    Where is there a lack of common sense in this?

  • Adam Goldsack

    How about the fact it is a ball of light in the sky. Please go and research drones. These balls of lights were reported 60 years before drones
    were created. It is just a very lazy explanation which doesnt fit.

  • Please go and research this story, it was a remote camera piloted by a news agency.

    A drone.

  • Matt Sherman

    I would honestly agree with what your saying, it would make the best logical guess. Although have you seen any videos or pictures from a news station with everyone looking at the camera. In all your prediction would make the most sence.

  • actually Scott has followed up this article with exactly that. It is on the front page.

  • Scott_McMan

    Sorry everyone, the video was down for a short time. It is now back up. For how long I can’t say.

  • Scott_McMan

    My apologies as this video seems to be so important to someone that they would force it down. How it differs from a thousand others, I can’t say. Maybe it has to do with the shots of the protesters on the ground.

    It’s either a case of legality or loss of potential income. We may never know. At least I got a couple of stills.

  • The Observer

    It is an energy force of a being watching the activities below it. The energy force has the ability to demonstrate its capability where no aircraft, drone or any earth made objects can do it. Such sighting will be more and closer to the human race in time to come. They are here to bring a message to we human beings and what the message is will be known in time to come.

  • The Oshmar

    The this light really did bring a message, it was a news drone.
    And below Jkaw also has a link.

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