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Texas Woman Tells Coast to Coast That She Lives Next To a Family of Bigfoots!

January 29, 2015 – 11:26 PM | 340 views

There’s two things Coast to Coast has been famous for: wild claims made by anonymous callers, and, of course, Art Bell. I personally enjoyed a lot of the show, though sometimes the callers make such weird, …

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Haunted Trunk

February 7, 2013 – 11:00 AM | 9 Comments | 2,105 views

Our Readers Write
Scott recently posted an invitation to our readers to send us their stories, and I should add, do not wait for an invitation, send us your stories!
One of our respondents has offered up …

Abductee Orlando Ferraudi Tells His Story

February 7, 2013 – 9:09 AM | 2 Comments | 1,008 views

It was way back in 1965 that Orlando Ferraudi of Buenos Aires alleges he was abducted whilst fishing in a remote area of Rio de la Plata near the city.
Orlando was approached from behind at …

Strange Lights Filmed Over Chile

February 6, 2013 – 9:49 AM | 751 views

The following video shows an impressive display of lights dancing over a city in Chile. What’s more, the video offers a reference or comparison point when the person filming these lights manages to stand behind …

Fleet Of UFOs? Is My Face Straight?

February 6, 2013 – 7:50 AM | 4 Comments | 859 views

It’s been six days since I first saw this video, claimed to be a “fleet of UFOs”. After viewing said video, I had a hearty laugh and went about my business.
Then, five days ago I …

‘Black Dahlia’ Murder About To Be Solved?

February 5, 2013 – 10:07 AM | 4 Comments | 4,066 views


Buster, a 9-year-old black Lab who has extensive experience as a cadaver sniffing dog is on the case of the century. If the DNA samples confirm it, he could have helped solve the infamous Black …

Hidden Machu Picchu

February 4, 2013 – 11:01 AM | 3 Comments | 2,805 views

Where ever ancient civilizations had wealth, there seem to be tales of curses that go along with the possession of that wealth. It probably does not help that so many of those people went to …

What Happened To You? We Want To Know!

February 4, 2013 – 8:28 AM | 6 Comments | 1,298 views

Here at we thrive on the unknown and unexplained. In fact we spend many hours a day sifting through articles, reports, records and incidents in order to bring you the most interesting content possible.
Occasionally …

Walking Dead?

February 3, 2013 – 10:47 AM | 5 Comments | 1,011 views

Steven King’s “The Stand”
“The Andromeda Strain”
“12 Monkeys”
“V For Vendetta”
“The Last Man On Earth” (Remade starring Charlton Heston as “Omega Man” and remade once more with Will Smith as “I Am Legend”)
Are we finding a theme …

Strange UFO Train Over Arizona

February 1, 2013 – 9:58 AM | 17 Comments | 2,494 views

As many of you know, I regularly check the MUFON reports for something out of the ordinary, yet logical enough to warrant investigation.
Today I got lucky and found a report that fits the above description. …

Crowdsourcing Bigfoot

January 31, 2013 – 2:34 PM | 2 Comments | 1,198 views

Crowdsourcing is distributed problem solving. By distributing tasks to a large group of people, you are able to mine collective intelligence, assess quality and process work in parallel.
No mine like the internet for collective intelligence, …

The Council Of Nine

January 31, 2013 – 1:38 PM | 2 Comments | 2,114 views

This is not an essay specifically about conspiracy theory, or religion or the overlap of the two; Politics.
Nope, we are hear to examine the Unexplained.
Okay, you can stop laughing.
We are here to examine the …

‘Palmetto Monster’ Deconstructed

January 30, 2013 – 6:49 AM | 4 Comments | 1,974 views

Tim Fasano, the self styled Florida Skunk Ape hunter has a new toy in his arsenal, a Samsung HD video camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom.
Fasano has decided that if he’s going to prove the existence …

Dolphin Life Raft

January 29, 2013 – 10:51 AM | 2 Comments | 837 views

Animals are better than we are.
Posted to the New Scientist website

Dolphins form life raft to help dying friend
* 12:21 25 January 2013 by Michael Marshall
Everybody’s favourite cetacean just got a little …

Goblin Beheading Goes Horribly Wrong

January 29, 2013 – 9:50 AM | 2 Comments | 2,083 views

People, I cannot urge you strongly enough; Spay and neuter your goblins if you are going to keep them as pets. If they grow too troublesome to keep at home please take them to your …

‘House of Doom’: 9 Occupants Die In 15 Years

January 29, 2013 – 8:35 AM | 3 Comments | 2,082 views

Following Scott’s haunted house lead from this morning, I ran into the following article from a Berlin news press.
A large house in one of Berlin’s district is known as the ‘House of Doom’. For fifteen …

Family Trying To Escape ‘Murder/Suicide House’

January 29, 2013 – 6:43 AM | 7 Comments | 2,731 views

Imagine this scenario: Your spouse dies, so you decide to start a new life. To facilitate this plan, you pack up your kids and all your belongings, hop in the U-Haul and travel cross country …

Indecypherable Language

January 28, 2013 – 1:17 PM | 1,359 views

Over the centuries and millenia that mankind has inhabited the planet Earth there have been uncounted numbers of ways to communicate.
According to English.Pravda.RU
Majority of researchers believe that language appeared half a million of years ago…
Languages …

Grand Jury Wanted To Indict Ramsey Parents

January 28, 2013 – 10:33 AM | 4 Comments | 827 views

I have reported on the JonBenet Ramsey murder before as it has always been of intense interest to me. It is a polarizing case that may never be solved, but occasionally something trickles out of …

Neanderthal Cloning? ‘What? Who would believe this?’

January 28, 2013 – 9:44 AM | 3 Comments | 489 views

“The public should be able to detect cases where things seem implausible,” Church said in an interview at his office at Harvard Medical School in Boston. “Everybody’s fib detector should have been going off. They …

Planet Weird

January 27, 2013 – 1:28 PM | 4 Comments | 962 views

What happens when you take your hobby and turn it into a near obsession with seeking out the bizarre and unexplained?
Oh… I mean outside of Ghost Theory.
What you get is Greg Newkirk’s Who Forted

Yeah, …

Surrogate Mother Wanted For Neanderthal Baby

January 27, 2013 – 8:55 AM | 7 Comments | 681 views


A recent article on MIT Technology Review talks about the Harvard Medical School geneticist George Church and his crazy plan to clone a Neanderthal baby. And all he needs is a willing woman to be the …

Once A Cryptid,

January 26, 2013 – 3:02 PM | One Comment | 863 views

Giving hope to all who search for Cryptids the Architeuthis, also known as Giant Squid is now on camera. Once relegated to “fish stories” brought home by sailors going back to Aristotle, architeuthis has been …