• The Haunted House On The Hudson
  • The Beauport Poltergeist
  • ‘Ghosts’ Most Likely to Be Males Who’ve Died Violently
  • Father Gill: Close Encounter In Papau New Guinea

The Haunted House On The Hudson


f you keep driving past New York City, away from the blaring lights and sounds you’ll eventually drive past the small town of Nyack, New York. There, at the end of a listless cul-de-sac there stands a two-story rambling affair at the edge of the Hudson River. Inside, a dark history hides within the walls. […]

The Beauport Poltergeist


    Beauport, Quebec, 1989. One August morning teenager Nancy slept comfortably in her home on 3566 Mgr Gauthier street. Her peaceful sleep was  interrupted by a deafening bang that came from the wall in her bedroom. She jolted up on her bed and held her breath, waiting to see if it had been in her […]

‘Ghosts’ Most Likely to Be Males Who’ve Died Violently


  Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, a psychologist at the University of Iceland,  has a new study on the reported cases of those who have had an encounter with  the undead. Out of 337 cases observed and investigated, the study finds that most of the ghostly apparitions are from males who had died in a violent manner. […]

UFO News


Father Gill: Close Encounter In Papau New Guinea

  On the night of June 27th, 1959, Australian missionary William Gill stood...


Strange formation of lights captured in Mexico. UFO?

This remarkable video was uploaded to YouTube by luisalfonsinho and it shows what...


1973 UFO Encounter In New Hampshire

    It was around 2:45 A.M. on a Friday morning in 1973 that Lyndia Morel found herself fighting sleep behind the wheel of her car. As she drove down New Hampshire’s interstate, a bright light caught...

The REAL Entity Case

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The following is a two part article in which Dr. Barry Taff and myself wrote with fresh insight from his original investigation of the case in 1974 and some new information that will be available in my upcoming book. This is an update to the Doris Bither story , or as it’s more commonly known, […]

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