Is This A Sasquatch?

Is This A Sasquatch?

Yesterday (09/20/12), Youtuber Mark Anders uploaded a video of some pictures he took in Ranchita California in September 2011.

Mark was recently going through some photos when he realized that the figure behind a pile of twisted tree limbs was not part of the pile. At first he was upset because this head had ruined his artistic photo….OK, I made that part up. Hmm, I wonder if something else has been made up here *wink* *wink*.

Actually, I don’t know what’s going on with this photo other than what we see in the video below.

Here’s a close up of the head. Notice the face looks like a gorilla face with more than a hint of human in it’s features and the hair is short and splochy with various colors. From what we know about Sasquatch, it is often described as having long reddish hair with a face that is more human looking than this example. Then again we are talking about a creature who may or may not exist.

Now, lets take a look at the body. I mean, if we could actually see one. If you can make it out through the pile, you’ve got better eyes than me.

Could it be the elusive Bigfoot or is it a rouge Gorilla on the loose from the Gorilla store? Then there’s the other possibility that it’s all a hoax and this is nothing more than a photoshop mash-up.

If you click on the link to Mark Anders’ Youtube page (below), you will see he seems to have an affection for computer graphics and graffiti. Hmmm, interesting to say the least.

As much as I’d like to go all in on this, I’ll let the readers decide.

This story comes to us via Youtube contributor Mark Anders

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