UFO Photo from Russian Space Station

UFO Photo from Russian Space Station

Lately the UFO train has been very disappointing. Lets face it, there are more forgettable pictures and videos than we can count.

Not to be outdone, here is a new example. The photo featured below was taken by French Engineer Jean-Pierre Haigneré aboard the MIR Space Station and is being shopped as either some sort of UFO or more simply a water droplet, read on and decide for yourself:

Quote Youtube’s StephenHannardADGUK:

On February 20 1999, Jean-Pierre Haigneré was the first non-Russian to be launched as Soyuz on-board engineer to the Russian MIR Space Station on a mission called Perseus.

The experimental programme comprised the continuation of former French experiments from Cassiopée and Pegase missions, and new experiments from France, Germany and ESA in the field of life science, physics and biology.

Although no official statement has ever been released concerning the mystery object It has been suggested by some, that the anomaly is nothing more than a reflection of a water droplet from inside the Mir.

Here’s a close up still from the video. I blew it up, but it began to blur, so I am providing the largest size while still retaining some semblance of clarity.


Now, I’ll leave it to the readers to debate. In the meantime I promised some bonus content as I have two other stories in the UFO arena.

I came across this one at MUFON and while it looks very familiar, I ran it through Google images as well as error correction, both came back inconclusive in proving it was old and/or photoshopped.

Again, I’ll leave it up to the GT faithful to make the call. Here’s the report from MUFON:

Case Number: 48113
Date of Event: 06/13/13
Location: New Castle, DE

Short Description:

My best friend and coworker sent me this picture taken outside of my work.


Long Description:

I was at another location when this happened. I knew I must immediatly post this to MUFO and other boards I am a member of. I will gather more information from her about this sighting and will provide her contact info if you contact me back. Here is her last message to me….

“It was this morning when the storm rolled in…about 9 or 930. I took a bunch of pics and I never noticed it. I posted it on Weatherboy cuz they said post pics of the storm near you. Then I went back to look at the pic and Danielle said whats up with the ufo. Then I saw there was a bunch of people that shared it on ufo sites. So I looked closes. The instagram version I posted makes it much clearer but I posted this one to prove it wasnt the filter.”

As mentioned I did a Google image search, but I also checked instagram and wasn’t able to find the photo there. Of course I’m not a member of instagram, so search tools are limited.

Below I’ve provided a close up of this anomaly/UFO. Again, it just looks so familiar to me, maybe someone else can pinpoint my suspicion that this isn’t so new. Xavier did a recent article on a UFO out of Brazil that is very similar. You can access that in “Associated Content” below. Are these events related? Is this why today’s UFO is giving me case of Déjà vu?

You will notice a bit of pixilation which I attribute to a bad camera.

new casle2

Finally, we have UFO números tres. This one seems to be an exclusive as I’m finding no other reports. The odd part is not the UFO at all, but the subject of the video. In fact, I was contemplating an article on the “artwork” in the video, until I caught some movement at the very end of the report.

The report is showcasing giant inflatable art in Hong Kong, however, if you watch very closely beginning at 2:01, you will see something strange shoot across the screen from right to left. Take a look and then we’ll ponder this further:

From what I witnessed it seems we either have a UFO or an insect. My money is on insect, but I’ve been wrong before.

Taking a look at a couple of stills, the object is moving too quickly to get any sort of solid ID.

hong kong1
hong kong2

Again, if I had to guess, I’d go with insect, although I felt it was worth posting as I’ve seen much more obvious “insect” examples that were debated for days. Based on the speed and size, if it is in fact an insect, it must be extremely close to the camera. One final determining factor is that it flies in front of both the building and the giant inflatable bush. Again, I’ll leave it to the readers!

I hope I’ve provided enough content to keep everyone busy for a few minutes and who knows, maybe one of these UFOs is actually something worth talking about!

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Content provided by MUFON Case Management and Youtubers JewishNewsOne, StephenHannardADGUK

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