Classic Saucer Shaped UFO Over Burrard Inlet

Classic Saucer Shaped UFO Over Burrard Inlet

As it appears to be the theme over the past couple of days, UFO news is giving us plenty to talk about. This report is no different as a not so strange looking “craft” shows up in what appears to be a promotional photo for a Kayak Club in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What is interesting about this UFO is the classic appearance. We all know the legendary saucer shape as it’s been a staple in UFO reports for decades. If my eyes don’t deceive me, that’s what I am seeing here.

Reported to UFO Casebook, here is the original photo (UFO upper left):


The details are as follows:

Cone shaped UFO, White with a dim purple glow. UFO looked to be relatively small, but it was hard to tell the exact size.


Said Harvey R., who filed the report with UFO Casebook:

As I was checking a local weather camera for the Deep Cove Kayak Club. It reloads every five or so minutes. When it reloaded, I noticed that there was an object floating off in the distance.


Very interesting, but possibly explainable. The Burrard Inlet is a very active waterway with plenty of fishing and water sports. This got me thinking, so I quickly did a search and found this:


I’m sure many of you have seen these flying inflatables that are towed behind boats. Of course this begs the question, regarding lack of a visible rope in the subject photo. However, this may be due to the overcast nature of the photo, it is conceivable that it’s just not visible.

Here we see a video of a Manta Ray towable and darned if it doesn’t get pretty high up there:

One important aspect I noted from the videos I watched was that when the boat slows down and slacks the rope, the towable will level off on many occasions. I apologize as I couldn’t find a photo or video of a flying inflatable giving the same view that we see in the subject picture. Maybe one of our readers can help us out and locate one.

You may think I’m stopping there, but you’d be mistaken as I have one more theory up my sleeve.

This is a flying hovercraft and it certainly looks like it could fit the bill. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from one to two person configurations. Imagine seeing one of these from a distance.

While I did focus quite a lot on the inflatables, I think there’s just as much chance that it may be a recreational flying vehicle. Remember, the report claims the UFO was small.

While the photo doesn’t give us enough information to verify my ruminations, it is quite possible that this is nothing more than a day of recreation with a cool toy. I’d be glad to hear any other theories, even those that include aliens flying over Canadian bodies of water. There are all sorts of possibilities in the universe.

My final note on this subject regards the authenticity of the picture. Unfortunately, running it through error correction didn’t yield any significant results either way. However, when blowing up the UFO, there does seem to be some questionable pixilation. While I can’t show anything definitive, it does make you think. I’ll leave it at that and let the reader decide.

Keeping a close eye on this particular inlet may foster some additional clues in the future. Until then, we can only guess and keep using that old reliable UFO label.

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