Is This The Burrard Inlet UFO Flying Over A Baseball Game?

Is This The Burrard Inlet UFO Flying Over A Baseball Game?

UFOs continue to dominate the news as the sightings are steadily becoming less explainable. After long periods of looking at pictures and videos of innocuous dots of light in the night sky, we have recently seen reports that actually grab your attention.

This new sighting is from the same part of the great white north in Vancouver and actually has me rethinking my last Canadian UFO post. In that one I was so sure that I was seeing some sort of air/watercraft toy, I almost wrote it off entirely. However, this new one is so eerily similar that I almost wet myself when I saw it.

The new UFO was seen just outside of Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium during a minor league baseball game.

Below we see a comparison between the Burrard Inlet UFO and the September 3d, Scotiabank Field UFO.

Photo from Burrard Inlet Article:

Photo of Scotiabank Field UFO:

Huh? Did I tell you? Suffice it to say, this is somewhat freaky. To further support the Scotiabank Field UFO, here’s a video taken that night which shows this “craft”(?) in fair detail:

To complicate matters, this wasn’t just some jabonee pulling an interweb prank on us, the story was also circulating on Twitter. Below we see a couple of Twitter posts regarding this incident:



Now that we’ve gotten our share of excitement, lets get down to some serious speculation. There’s every chance that this is nothing more than another news drone or some other terrestrially launched apparatus. However, as I can’t definitively state as such with true conviction, I must also allow for other possibilities.

Maybe aliens come to this planet because they like our national pastime? Or, maybe they just finished mutilating a cow and wanted to kick back, have a beer and take in a game.

Whatever is taking place, we can’t deny the amazing similarities to the Burrard Inlet UFO which again was witnessed within the area of Vancouver.

Until someone comes forward with an admission of guilt, (yes, I’m talking about you pesky kids who are now giggling and planning where you’ll fly your RC UFO next), this one will remain unresolved.

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