Shape Shifting UFO: What Could It Be?

Shape Shifting UFO: What Could It Be?

We have a new UFO video today from Youtube. In fact, this is one of those amazing shape shifting UFOs. As much as I love a good shape shifter flying around in the sky, I also love to have something to put my trash in and most of these “shape shifters” would fit the bill.

However, this one is not your typical 30 gal black garbage bag floating through the atmosphere. No, me thinks this is something else en-tire. No, not a “tire”, that was my southern accent coming through. No sir, this isn’t a bag of any kind or a partially deflated balloon (weather or otherwise), nor is it a sheet of handy 5 mil plastic. Although, I am painting the insides of my eyelids later and that plastic would come in handy to keep the paint fro…OK, back to business!

Take a look at the video and then we’ll do some thinkin….

Correct me if I’m wrong, but with the exception of turning, I noticed little in the way of shape shifting. In fact, I’d put the number of shifts very close to zero and by very close to, I mean exactly.

In full on observation mode, I stopped the video every couple of seconds to see if a more revealing perspective could be assumed. An overview of the video, yielded four possible scenarios:

1. The camera operator was using auto focus.
2. He was filming out of focus on purpose, or…
3. He has a less than adequate camera.
4. I will reserve this one as it may give away my final opinion.

Based on some of his comments and the fact that I can’t use number four, I am forced to choose #2. However, in my estimation the blur wasn’t enough to mask the true nature of the subject. I did recognize this shape shifting UFO and felt strongly that I had identified it. On the other hand, I could be completely wrong and that’s why I’m going to withhold my theory and let the GT faithful have a crack at it. You’ve come through in the past and I expect nothing less this time.

To assist you in this endeavor, here are couple of stills, the first is just a blow up of the original, while the second has some contrast and brightness adjustment:

insect ufo1

insect ufo2

For those who want to tackle this one, please tell me what you see in detail (if you don’t mind), pointing out the various aspects and what stands out to you. Those who get it right will be entered in a drawing….Henry likes to draw cartoons and will add your likeness to his next work.

See what I did there? You were all, I’m gonna win somethin and then I was all, no you ain’t, LOLOLOL!

As Dr Brown says in the BTTF ride at Universal, “don’t let me down, loser!”…or something to that effect. Now get in there and win, win, win, mostly because you’ve got nothing better to do!

Remember, send all complaints to Xavier at PO Box 5555, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Video provided by ETNWO

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