Group Of Neighbors Report UFO Crash Moments After Event

Group Of Neighbors Report UFO Crash Moments After Event

This event happened just last night (09/27/13) as a live podcast show by Youtube’s thirdphaseofmoon was under way.

The report starts at 02:33 of the video below with a breaking call where a group of neighbors describe what they believe to be a UFO crash.

OK, so we have a neighborhood that provides a mass report on something falling to earth. Although there seems to be a fascination with possible ET controlled craft in some of the dialog, to their credit, none of them make that specific claim.

I find it interesting to hear how people react and what they describe when something is this fresh in their minds. It just shows how rattled people can be and how specific descriptions change from person to person. Now, imagine speaking to someone after an extended period of time? Can we really depend on witness testimony from those who aren’t trained observers?

There are so many factors that have to be weighed when considering the believability and authenticity of any report filed under duress or from memory.

We know a few definite things here:

1. Something was seen falling from the sky
2. There were several witnesses
3. There was a great deal excitement in some of those witnesses voices
4. They called in to a podcast show to file a live report
5. They also called police to find that others had called as well
6. At this time there is still no video or photo evidence of the event


Things we don’t know include:

1. Why were so many neighbors outside?
2. Was there some sort of party going on?
3. Were any of these witnesses drinking?
4. How reliable are those who spoke on the air?

These questions can go on and on, but you get the idea and I fear that in order to prove ET is coming to this planet, we need a ship and a body for all to see.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tip your…self over when leaning back in a chair.

Thanks to thirdphaseofmoon for content provided.

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